Bizarre Love Triangle premieres “The Night Highway”

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The group reverts their already released song “La Carretera” with more force.

Bizarre Love Trianglethe Galician indie rock, noise rock and post punk band, has not stopped innovating the music scene, surprising its followers again with the release of its new single, “The Night Highway.” This song offers a more direct and powerful version away from the band’s essential sound and giving a new characteristic to the song that was previously released on their album. THIRSTreleased in June of this year and which made their way to festivals in Mexico, Colombia and Spain.

This premiere was accompanied by the news that the song will be available in a physical 7” format and limited to 500 copies where side A will feature the song. “The Night Highway” and side B will have the remix of VVV (Trippin’ You) the subversive electronic pop duo that best represents the current generation heir to post punk, and will be available from December 1st.

The song also featured the collaboration of Toño Chouza director of the video clip and previous audiovisual materials of the band such as “Fukushima” and “Lonely Star”.

Chouza commented on the video:

I have always felt the roads, the miles of asphalt, as a symbol of freedom. “The Night Road” conveys that and much more. A road movie is not only experienced by the protagonist who travels, but is full of characters considered secondary, but who are very important: the atmosphere, the animals, the lights, the emotions and the energy of the places.”

For this job, TAB and I started from the concept of freedom, but not freedom in the sense of ‘blank sheet and do what you want’, but I asked myself the question of how I could feel free filming… and that led me to think about my beginnings in the 2000s: the MiniDv. Only a light camera and me as a film crew. It is a way from which I can approach what was called ‘Direct Cinema’ at the time, seeking a desire for realism, without repeating a single shot, not a single action and giving a lot of power to the editing.

This release proves once again that Bizarre Love Triangle is a band with unmatched talent and creativity and with “The Night Highway” reveals how music and visual art can come together to create unique and memorable experiences.


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