David Bisbal gives a concert for a very demanding and special audience: his little Bianca’s class!

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In his two decades of career – which is said soon -, David Bisbal has faced what will probably be the most demanding audience of all: your daughter’s classmates! The singer has visited Bianca’s school to offer a live acoustic version of one of her favorite songs: My princess.

Rosanna Zanetti He was the one who shared a scene as sweet as it was emotional. “A very special Mini concert! 🤍 We had an activity with Bianca at School that left us with very nice memories,” she expressed.

In the video, you can see the man from Almería sitting between his guitarist Ludovico Vagnone and his 3-year-old daughter in one of the classroom chairs, surrounded by drawings, colors, toys and, of course, the other students. “My most difficult audience,” David himself has stated.

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“We are going to sing a song that ‘Biancita’ really likes, because her dad sings it, which is me,” the artist introduces. Thus, exchanging glances with his youngest and the rest of the class, he has interpreted the ballad he composed in 2009 for his album Without looking back. The inspiration behind this song arose after the birth of her first daughter with Elena Tablada, Ella.

This special experience for the family has also excited the couple’s followers, who quickly left the following comments:

  • “How beautiful, I’m dying of love”
  • slaps
  • Moments that will remain in everyone’s hearts, how wonderful 😍
  • What a beauty Bianca’s dad’s mini concert ❤️❤️❤️
  • I love it!!! When I started admiring him I knew I wasn’t wrong.
  • Me wanting to be a girl, so that David could go and sing😍😂

David Bisbal’s family, the pillar that makes him feel alive every day

This 2023, David Bisbal has launched I feel alive, an album with which he sets the course for another 20 years in music. Without a doubt, an album that has greatly inspired his loved ones; especially, his wife and his children. “I have been very inspired by my people, by those who hug you daily. My family is very present, but I have also let my imagination fly and I have let myself be inspired by longing, by nostalgia. These are things that, perhaps, are in your daily life. Many of those things make you soften or your heart hurts a little, but they are part of your day, they are part of your life, so there are very important songs and as I say, there are songs for all tastes,” he explained to WECB. in a past interview.

Little by little, the little ones in the house find out who their father is and what makes him appear on TV, radio and other media. And he himself told us how he is living it: “My children are delighted because now they are discovering, the little ones, that there is something special there that makes you appear on television, on the radio. My little son tells me, Dad, is that you? when you turn on the radio or I go out on television. He gets very excited and tries to sing with me. They are very special moments that I already experienced with my daughter, the eldest, and now I am experiencing it again with the little ones. And it is exciting because until they tell you, For example, ‘Dad, are you going to sing? Can I come with you?’, you don’t realize that there’s a click where they realize it without having to tell them.”


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