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The biopic starring Kingsley Ben-Adir in the role of Bob Marley will be released in French theaters on February 14.

Peace Is Hard to Find for Bob Marley in Latest Trailer for Bob Marley: One Love. “ The war rages », recognizes the reggae icon, played in the film by Kingsley Ben-Adir. “ How can I bring peace? I can’t even get peace for myself “. Directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green and released in theaters on February 14, one Love examines the strengths and weaknesses of this battle that largely defined the musician’s life.

In the trailer, one of the biggest threats to his peace is also a threat to his life. The scene takes place in December 1976, when a gang of armed men attempted to murder Marley at his home, along with his wife and children. Those close to the musician had warned him that his unifying message could be a target behind his back, but the look of shock on his face when violence began to erupt in his home suggests he had not taken the measure of the situation before that moment.

Marley is driving with two of his sons when a radio announcer begins recounting the events of the near-fatal shooting. Before his young boys can understand, he turns off the radio. “ Don’t worry about thathe told them. Don’t worry about anything, because everything will be fine. »

At the beginning of the year, when the first images of Bob Marley: One Love, Ziggy Marley, Marley’s son, shared a message on social media about his father’s story being told in this format. “ Nothing happens before its time, and now it’s time for the story of our father Bob Marley to be depicted in a biopic that will hit theaters in 2024he wrote You’ve heard the music and you think you know the man, but do you really understand what he went through and the moments that shaped him into the person he became? »


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