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The Courmayeur club that gave home to the Après-ski Generation is back on track with the celebrations of exactly ten years since its debut.

Ten years ago the Super G was born in Courmayeur, the first Italian Mountain Club in the Alps. The first club to be born on the Italian snow which has become synonymous with après-ski, managing to revolutionize the youth imagination linked to the mountains. The “creature” of entrepreneurs Andrea Baccuini and Giacomo Sonzini, founders of 5 Club, has grown and changed the panorama of entertainment on the slopes.

An important birthday that marks a gap between a before and an after” explains Andrea Baccuini. “In the last decade we have seized the opportunity to offer quality, pleasure and tailor-made comfort to those who do not expect them in the mountains but deserve them, developing with dedication and sacrifice an evolved hospitality proposal and offering only the best services high-end. It’s time to celebrate this Revolution, and show what the future will be.”

The first novelty is the entry of the Meraviglioso – Italian Singing Restaurant into Super G. A merger between the two brands that brings the winning formula – eat-ertainment – ​​of the Porto Cervo restaurant to 1800 meters above sea level. At the same time, the Super G is investing more and more in après-ski, with the entry of new partners and a schedule of events that promises to make the winter dance. The home of the best international clubbing scene reopens its doors with a grand opening.

In these ten years the Super G has established itself not only as a club, but as a fun-oriented daytime format, perfect for young people, becoming a point of reference at an international level in a phase in which, on the market, new ways to experience the mountains, also linked to entertainment and music”, confirms Roberto Rota, mayor of Courmayeur.


On the weekend of Sant’Ambrogio we inaugurate the winter in the name of the tenth anniversary of the Super G. To open the dance:

Thursday 7 December, is Allez Allez Rosé, the entertainment format dedicated to rosé, with glasses of Whispering Angel, the Provençal rosé wine promoting the event.

December 8th we continue with the rhythm of X Guest, an après-ski format designed by Ploom.

The highlight is Saturday 9 December: space for après-ski The Payer, Super G’s annual winter guest, to whom he paid homage in the text and video of the hit Settimana Bianca (“I put my skis down, I go to the Super G / It’s cool outside, I do après-ski”). The Milanese duo brings to the console the dance songs that have already inspired two generations, from winter to summer hits, as well as several featuring. A dance moment powered by The Organics – Redbull.

Thus begins a season of champions, told by the number 10 shirt inspired by the Italian national team, created to celebrate the tenth anniversary: ​​a distinctive sign for all the guest DJs who will perform on the console at Super G, symbol of the national après-ski.

Marvelous and Super G: the perfect combination

In 2022, Meraviglioso was born in Porto Cervo, a small square and an exceptional terrace where you can enjoy fine dining cuisine, toast with friends, synchronize the beats with the notes of the performers and bands who perform live for guests, recalling the mood of Italianness par excellence. This style is imported into the Super G, and takes place on the terrace powered by Mastercard which is entrusted to the direction of Andrea Berton, former resident chef of the 5 Club restaurants, who has been “collecting” Michelin stars since 1997. Throughout the season, 38 live performances will alternate – The Casheless powered by Mastercard and Maximum Live Band powered by Ferrari Trento – giving life to a musical schedule that blends with the food proposals for a unique experience. Meraviglioso also brings with it colors and atmospheres to Courmayeur: the internal room of the restaurant has been transformed into a lounge that recalls the nuances of the Priceless Terrace in Porto Cervo, again supported by Mastercard.

Après-ski: DJ set and format

This year the club will give life to five different après-ski formats, each with its own mood: The Organics powered by Redbull, which supports the 10th anniversary opening party with Il Pagante; Après-Ski generation by Tequila Patrón, with 10 DJ sets; X Guest with 10 guest DJs powered by Ploom; Allez Allez Rosé, supported by Whispering Angel, with 8 DJ sets, and F**k Summer, curated by Heineken Silver, with 6 DJ sets. The Aperol Orange Wave powered by Aperol Spritz completes the schedule, with 6 DJ sets.

Slopes: new edition

Every year Super G creates an instant magazine, which photographs moods and trends of the winter season, live music, the rituals of the “Après-ski Generation” of which it has become the voice: it is Slopes, a unique editorial experiment in the Alps. next issue celebrates 10 years of the club by hosting partners, stakeholders and artists, important journalists and an in-depth analysis on the topic of artificial intelligence, the great theme that is revolutionizing the artistic and musical panorama. Starting from the cover, created with a generative graphics program: it represents a free, independent, proud woman, who fully embodies the identity of the Super G.


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