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The combination of music, art, sport, collecting and sneakers is the essence of this “1000 Deadstock sneakers” (L’ippocampo Edizioni), a precious volume that tells not only a typology of collecting but a very specific social and cultural cross-section.

Almost six hundred pages that tell and narrate the evolution of collecting and the resell phenomenon.

An essential tome for all sneaker fans, well structured, complete and attentive both in terms of visual content (images, old advertising, photos and illustrations) and textual content.

Also interesting are the legends/labels created to quickly orient yourself between the various models.

An absolute must have!!!


Before being a reference store for sneakers in Paris, Larry Deadstock is the story of four friends united by a passion for collecting rare basketball shoes.

From the first sales on eBay to the second-hand markets of Clingancourt, from trade fairs to camp outs, a collective adventure…


The story of the first pair of Air Jordans; basketball legends Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan; cutting-edge designers like Virgil Abloh; prominent personalities such as Will Smith, Spike Lee and Travis Scott…

From playgrounds to fashion shows, from the underground universe to auction sales, this volume tells us how some simple sneakers have become true cult objects of the 21st century. Through a collection of 1000 unique sneakers, interviews and iconic advertising campaigns, the team at Larry Deadstock, a leading boutique in Paris, traces the history of collaborations, limited editions and the resell market from the 2000s to today. An indispensable reference text for sneakerheads, collectors, sports enthusiasts and all those who are fascinated by these incredible shoes.

People who don’t watch where they step
they pay even less attention to other people’s feet

mouloud achour


1000 Deadstock sneakers
Larry Deadstock, François Chevalier
Dimensions 20.4 x 28.7 cm
Hardcover binding
544 pages
Year 2023
ISBN 9788867228423
Price €49.90
The hippocampus Editions


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