Unbelievable: Michael Jackson’s Leather Jacket Sells for a Record-Breaking $285,000!


As a specialist in the American and international music industry, it’s always fascinating to see the incredible impact that iconic musicians have had on popular culture. Recently, a leather jacket worn by the legendary American pop star Michael Jackson in the 1980s was auctioned off in London for a whopping 250,000 pounds, which is over 285,000 euros.

This particular black and white jacket was famously worn by the King of Pop in a series of Pepsi commercials in 1984. During the filming of these commercials, Michael Jackson suffered a serious accident when his hair caught fire due to a fireworks explosion, causing second and third degree burns on his scalp and body.

The sale of this jacket was part of a larger auction in London featuring over 200 items related to the music industry, including pieces from George Michael, Amy Winehouse, David Bowie, Oasis, and the Beatles. Another notable item from Michael Jackson, his signature wool Fedora hat that he wore during his first moonwalk in 1983, was sold at auction in Paris for 77,640 euros.

It’s incredible to see the lasting impact of these iconic musicians, and the way their personal artifacts continue to capture the imagination of fans around the world.

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