BORO: reggaeton is not taken seriously in Italy. “Bendicion” his first album

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“BENDICION” is the title of BORO’s first album (out Friday 19 January).

Literally from the Spanish “blessing”, the title comes from a word with a symbolic value chosen to characterize this album which brings together some of the greatest hits of the Turin rapper and singer and 7 unreleased songs, a 360° overview of Boro’s path to date .


For the life I live I feel blessed, for every positive thing that happens in my life I have always felt the need to thank, destiny or a superior entity.

I believe that music is my way of transmitting this sense of gratitude, the most natural instrument.”

In Italy, reggaeton is often associated with summer music, yet in the songs I never talked about the beach or the sea.

It is its sound that is associated with summer because many pop singers, at that time of year, use this type of rhythm and elements.

This is why, in our country, reggaeton is not taken seriously, it does not have the culture that it deserves to have and that, together with other artists, we try to tell.

It is a world that has great dignity and its own rich tradition.

It has exactly the same story of social revenge as rap, even in the lyrics, while maintaining a lighter character from a sound point of view. He taught me that sometimes challenging or complex messages can be conveyed even with this lightness.”


Fifteen tracks that address different themes – from love to more distinctly street bangers, passing through extremely intimate and personal episodes – immersed in the multifaceted sound universe of urban Latin.

Many songs have already been published on the hit album SLOW and NENA which have dominated the charts for weeks, fresh from the success of Suavely (the Italian re-edition of the song by the Algerian artist Soolking) – a song that consecrated BORO internationally – and his latest singles Criminal in collaboration with Elettra Lamborghini e Coco Chanel with the Argentine star of Latin music Oriana, after the success of Cadillac in collaboration with Artie 5ive, first place in the FIMI charts in October.


Traveling companions in BENDICION are some of the heavyweights of the scene – the rappers Geolier, Fred De Palma, MamboLosco, VillaBanks – the international stars Elettra Lamborghini and Oriana and the new promise of the urban panorama Artie 5ive, collaborations expertly chosen to enrich the artistic vision of the disc. There are several names of producers who edited beats and instrumentals – Cocobeats, Andry The Hitmaker, Timongothekeys, Greg Willen, JVLI, ITACA, Andre Camilo, Elvis Crespo, Don Joe – who gave different imprints and nuances to the sound of the album.


1. Everyday
2. Cheerleader feat. MamboLosco
3. Cocaine
4. Bugatti feat. Fred De Palma
5. Tu Lo Sai feat. Villabanks
6. Dark Van
7. Bendicion
8.Cadillac feat. Artie 5ive
9. Delincuente feat. Elettra Lamborghini
10. Coco Chanel feat. Oriana
11. Oh Mama
12. Nena feat. Geolier
13. Rompo feat. Villabanks
14. Suavemente feat Soolking
15. Slow feat. MamboLosco


“BENDICION” will be available in four different formats: Autographed CD, Autographed LP, Autographed and colored LP (exclusively within the Universalmusic shop) and Autographed CD (exclusively within the Universalmusic shop). By purchasing the latter by 4pm on Tuesday 16 January you will have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive experience in Milan on Thursday 18 January, an official pre-listening of “BENDICION” together with BORO.



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