Cris Regatero (OT 2023) in 40 Grados K: “I removed Twitter so that it would not condition me when it came to nominating”

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Cris Regatero has become one of the names that is causing the most talk at the galas of Operation Triunfo 2023. Together with Buika and Pablo Rouss, the music journalist faces the most complicated task of the program every week: proposing the academy’s contestants for nomination. A work that always generates controversy. And, at this point in the program, all the contestants have a very strong fandom outside of the contest and everyone wants their favorite to reach the final.

To talk about his time in Operación Triunfo, how he is experiencing all the comments he is receiving and his experience at the galasCris Regatero has become the latest protagonist of 40 Grados K ​​with Karin Herrero. The WECB presenter sees her face with her partner Karin in this space. An interview between friends. And the two presenters have been on the radio for more than five years and have a very good relationship.

The first question was positive, what is the best thing about being part of OT as a jury? “The best thing is seeing people grow. I’m having a very cool experience on television, which I really wanted. The worst thing is the hate on social networks.” Cris has continued talking about this hate that she has received in recent weeks for doing her job:

“I understand that people get angry from the couch at home. It’s irrational. I understand it, but what I don’t understand is that they tell me to die.” Cris has continued to explain that when he entered as a jury he did so in a very “innocent” way: “Until I had to nominate one of the favorites at a gala and they started saying a lot of things to me. Real atrocities. The worst thing is that I have normalized it “.

About hate

First thing he did? Get rid of the social network where almost all that hate came from: “One of the things why I left Twitter is so that it wouldn’t condition me when it came to nominating. That’s something Buika told me. It conditioned me a lot when it came to At the beginning and I was afraid to say certain things. But I decided to go through my professionalism.

Furthermore, Cris recalled that the nominations are a matter for the four members of the jury and that they all have to agree. The WECB presenter recognizes that the most complicated thing about being a judge is getting in front of the contestants and saying something negative to them “because it is true that they work hard every week.”

Cris has also confessed that, although he does not regret anything he said on the program, he does regret some nominations.

One word to describe each contestant

Karin wanted Cris to describe each of the OT contestants with one word. The journalist got wet and responded with the following words:

Chiara: Personality

Martin: Performance

Naiara: Power

Ruslana: Versatility

Violet: Magnetism

Paul: Talent

Juanjo: Quality

Bea: Sensitivity

Álvaro: Positive energy

Cris: Pitch Perfect

Lucas: Good Vibes

Buika: She’s a genius

Press play on the video above and enjoy the full interview.


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