Britney Spears: a new song in preparation?

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Seven long years after “Glory”, American pop star Britney Spears has hinted that she has a new song in the works.

She announced it on her Instagram account. Britney Spears has cooked up a new track following the release of her new book, “The Woman in Me,” last week. “ I wrote a new song “, blurted the star under the publication of an image from his music video “Overprotected” from 2001.

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She apparently revealed that this mysterious sound would be called “Hate You to Like Me”, specifying however that it was not aimed at anyone in particular and that it was “just narcissistic in a self-righteous and smug way “. It remains to be seen whether this announcement will actually translate into reality. Although she collaborated with Elton John on the song “Hold Me Closer” and’s more recent song “Mind Your Business”, Britney Spears has not released a solo song since She was released from her guardianship in November 2021.

Britney Spears: a sequel to her memoirs?

It’s well known: when you love, you don’t count. So why settle for one book, when you can afford to write a second? Released on October 24, the pop star’s autobiography entitled “The Woman In Me” has already generated a lot of attention. And it could be that a second volume is in preparation. At least, that’s what the singer suggested again on Instagram a few days ago.

In a since-deleted post reported by Variety the interpreter of “Toxic” has in fact affirmed that “ humor is the key to healing from wounds. Prepare yourselves ! The rest of my book will be published next year! » Most of this first work “looks back at events that took place 20 years ago… I’ve turned the page now “, she commented in particular. A second volume could thus focus on more recent events… However, the American magazine cites sources close to the star who affirm that no volume 2 is in preparation. The mystery remains total.


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