The 1975 recreates scenes from horror films in concert

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On the occasion of Halloween, The 1975 paid tribute to “ American Psycho “, ” The Ring ” And ” The Blair Witch Project “.

The 1975 recreated horror scenes from movies during their Halloween concert in Detroit. Their ” Halloween Party “, according to NMEincluded scenes from American Psycho, The Ring And The Blair Witch Project.

The allusions began after the group performed “ About You “. The piece ” Hip to Be Square ” by Huey Lewis and the News was played over the PA, and singer Matty Healy was seen dressed as Patrick Bateman, the murderous financier brother ofAmerican Psycho who could speak at length about the virtues of Huey Lewis. (Healy even distributed visit cards by Patrick Bateman which, if you have seen the film, are of very high quality).

Then Healy, still dressed in a Bateman-style suit, was on stage staring at a wall of nine televisions playing white noise. He then collapsed in fear when someone wearing a mop-style wig came out of one of them, like in the iconic scene from The Ring. The audience screamed in both horror and delight. He then treated fans to a solo acoustic rendition of “ Be My Mistake “.

At another point in the concert, Healy filmed a Blair Witch-style video diary in which he apologizes to his mother and the mothers of the other band members (but not that of guitarist Adam Mann). Then someone turned on the light in the room where he was sitting, and he stood up quickly, apparently with his butt exposed.

The other members of the group also got into the spirit. Bassist Ross MacDonald dressed as Undertaker, Mann as Eleven from Stranger Things, saxophonist and keyboardist John Waugh as Heath Ledger’s Joker and drummer George Daniel as Hannibal Lecter. Despite the 1975’s habit of consuming raw meat on stage, Daniel did not consume human liver with a good chianti.

The scariest moment of the night, however, was when Healy shoved a microphone into the skull of a skeleton on stage, and the skeleton started singing ” How You Remind Me » from Nickelback and « Payphone » by Maroon 5. Healy apologized.


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