Britney Spears: what if she had played in “N’oubliais Jamais”?

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Britney Spears’ audition for the female lead in “Never Forget” has resurfaced on social media. Although convincing, the singer did not have the opportunity to act in the film, which could have changed a lot of things.

Britney Spears is the center of attention right now. The release, Tuesday, October 24, of her memoirs entitled: “The Woman in Me” revealed many secrets about the singer’s private life. It is notably written that the interpreter of “Toxic” found himself in competition with Rachel McAdams for the film: “Never forget”. This hearing was revealed by the Daily Mail. A video shows a young Britney playing a moving scene from the film, giving her all to get the role.

Britney was ultimately dismissed in favor of the “I Promise You” actress, but says she does not regret this choice: “ The casting of ‘The Notebook’ was between me and Rachel McAdams, and while it would have been fun to work with Ryan Gosling again after our time on ‘The Mickey Mouse Club,’ I’m glad we didn’t. If I had done that, instead of working on my album ‘In the Zone’, I would have behaved day and night like a 40s heiress! “.

A major turning point avoided

In 2004, when the film was released, Britney only had one major film role: that of Lucy in a Canadian film called “Crossroads”. Sharing the poster alongside rising star Ryan Gosling could have made the singer take the path of cinema but sideline her from her vocation as a singer, as she herself believes. This alternative life scenario could have been full of surprises.

If some Internet users made fun of young Britney’s performance, casting director Michael Barry was amazed by her performance. He recognizes a certain embarrassment in the singer: “ I think Britney felt she wasn’t trained enough to be an actress. » but sings the praises of his performance, and his potential. He admits to having wanted to reveal this video to the press to give it a “ little additional positive reinforcement “, and for ” show her fans that she is truly fantastic “.

The life of “Barbie” star Ryan Gosling could also have been impacted. The actor who starred in “Never Forget” with Rachel McAdams simply fell in love with the actress shortly after filming the film. A union that lasted three years. The Canadian actor is currently married to model and actress Eva Mendes, with whom he also fell in love at first sight on the set of “The Place Beyond the Pines.” Ryan Gosling’s film companions therefore exert a certain force of attraction on him. Still, Britney was in a period of great romantic changes. Gosling and McAdams’ romance might never have existed.


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