Bryant Myers updates on Anuel AA’s health status

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The fans of Anuel AA They have been worried for weeks about their favorite artist, who appeared on social media with a photo in a hospital bed to announce that he had been torn between life and death in the operating room.

The truth is that no more was known about his condition until weeks later when he shared an Instagram Story asking for help for the artist Alexio La Bruja, who needed donations of plasma, blood and platelets. How is the rag picker? What is your current status?

Your friend and companion Bryant Myers He has spoken about him in one of his last interviews on the Alofoke program. “I called him quickly and he told me that he had had an appendix problem. I think that was it. She was resting. These days I spoke with him that I could now record and that calmly. “We are talking about doing a couple of things.”assures the artist.


In an #interview with #alofoke #bryantmyers I talk about #anuel’s #health #anuelaa #rickyyreaction

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These words have reassured the interpreter of Legends never die, who had not known details about the health status of their favorite artist for weeks. In fact, it is still unknown when he will return, although we are sure that it will be when he is one hundred percent recovered.

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Be that as it may, Bryant has taken advantage of the occasion of this interview to reveal that he has projects prepared with other international artists, such as Peso Pluma and Bad Bunny. When will they see the light? We will have to wait to find out. The last thing she released solo is Tweet four months ago, so the trapper’s fans are dying to hear new songs from their favorite artist. For his part, although we have heard it on Ozuna’s new album, Anuel released it for his own discography Oh Na Na with Nio García a month ago.

From WECB Urban we send messages of encouragement to the ragpicker and wish him a speedy recovery.


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