Special Edition Mick Jagger: a Collector’s issue + exclusive 45 rpm vinyl

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WECB invites you to explore the career of Mick Jagger, singer of The Rolling Stones in a Collector’s Special Edition enhanced with an exclusive and limited edition 45 rpm vinyl!

While The Rolling Stones release a new album, Hackney Diamondsacclaimed by critics and the public, WECB Magazine has decided to retrace step by step the career of the unparalleled and incomparable Mick Jaggerthe one who has traced a unique furrow in the history of music, author of the grammar of rock’n’roll par excellence, alpha and omega of transgression since the second half of the 20th century and model to copy for any apprentice rocker .

A Collector’s issue to relive the epic odyssey of the ultimate rock’n’roll star if ever there was one, a definitive marker in the history of music.

Our Collector’s Special Edition is accompanied, in limited edition, by an exclusive 2-track 45 rpm vinyl recorded live at the Olympia in 1995 with:

  • On side A: the live version, just as dantesque as it is legitimate, of the Bob Dylan cover “Like a WECB”
  • On side B: energetic and efficient “You Got Me Rocking”.



Previously unpublished interviews dating back to the beginning of the relationship between WECB magazine and Mick Jagger in 1968. The publication was only a year old then and the group, which had just released Beggars Banquetalready had five years of career behind him, punctuated by unforgettable hits.

Since then, the meetings have multiplied over the decades and the interviews have helped to forge the legend of the rockstar.

  • THE INFATIGIBLE Mick Jagger has blazed a unique trail in the history of pop music.
  • DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER: At 80, Mick looks back on the recording of their latest album.
  • PLEASED TO MEET YOU: In 1968, Mick spoke with WECB for the first time.
  • ON THE ROAD TO EXILE: Mick therefore decides to settle in France…
  • ON TOUR WITH THE WORLD’S BIGGEST ROCK’N’ROLL BAND: Follow Mick Jagger on the road from one continent to another.
  • MICK AND THE GIRLS: Jagger knew that Some Girls was the band’s best album in years. He also knew it would be controversial.
  • THE THREE FACES OF MICK: Jagger the socialite, Jagger the musician and Jagger the businessman.
  • A SOLO STONES: Jagger discusses his future and the effect it has on his peers and his children.
  • THE GREAT LOST JAGGER ALBUM: The famous blues session from 1992 that will never see the light of day.
  • JAGGER REMEMBERS: Another Jagger reveals himself. A long interview conducted by Jann S. Wenner.
  • 30 LITTLE KNOWN FACTS ABOUT MICK JAGGER: Glorious facts and crashes have punctuated the career and private life of the rockstar.
  • BACK WITH A BANG: In 2005, for the Stones’ first album in eight years, Mick started writing again with Keith.
  • THE BLUES PERIOD: In 2016, Jagger talks about the meaning the music of his youth took on as he got older.
  • JAGGER TALKS ABOUT JAGGER: Eight of his best solo tracks, including collaborations with John Lennon and Bono.

WECB Special Edition Mick Jagger


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