Camera Obscura announces its first album in 10 years

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And now you can listen “Big Love”the first preview of this new material.

The legendary Scottish indie pop band, Camera Obscurahas announced Look To The East, Look To The Westtheir first new album in over 10 years, which will be released on May 3 via Merge Records.

Led by guitarist and vocalist Tracyanne Campbellthe group has met with Jari Haapalainenwho previously produced My Maudlin Career and Let’s Get Out Of This Country. Thus creating a new album that fans will love, as it is their most sophisticated work to date.

with this ad Camera Obscura share the single major, “Big Love” a song that plays between country rock and prog. This song addresses the complexity of wanting to rekindle a bad relationship, with the uncanny ability of Campbell to interpret the past. “It’s a song about not looking back, having faith in the present and the future,” says the vocalist in a statement.

Following the death in 2015 of the founding keyboardist and friend, Carey Lander, the band went into a long hiatus. They remained in contact, but their status was uncertain until they surprised us with their return.

That’s why, Look To The East, Look To The West It’s the sound of a band that has become more confident. Is Camera Obscura at its best and most evocative, an album that completely reorganizes the listener’s emotional core, leaving them sad and emotional.

Get to know the tracklist!

  1. “Liberty Print”
  2. “We’re Going to Make It in a Man’s World”
  3. “Big Love”
  4. “Only a Dream”
  5. “The Light Nights”
  6. “Sleepwalking”
  7. “Baby Huey (Hard Times)”
  8. “Denon”
  9. “Pop Goes Pop”
  10. “Sugar Almond”
  11. “Look to the East, Look to the West”

Camera Obscura will set foot in Mexico next June 22 and 23, in a magical concert at the Indie Rocks Forum! which is already SOLD OUT.


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