Álvaro Mayo (OT 2023): “I am very excited to make music for queers and cool aunts”

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The Academy of OT 2023 has said goodbye to Alvaro Mayo at Gala 9 —which is already beginning to outline its possible six finalists for February 19— with a program that had its last two nominees of the edition, because starting next week, the mechanics of evaluations by the jury will change radically.

Despite everything, for the Sevillian, a new professional stage begins, in which he already counts, thanks to his charisma, talent and his baptisms as moments delulu, with great sympathy an audience that has already declared itself “beautiful, smart and Álvaro Mayista”. But first, in WECB we have spoken with him about his time in Triumph operationthe first contact with the outside world after his expulsion and the music he wants to make, among other aspects.

“The first thing I did was talk to my mother. I was (and slept) with her all night and we gave each other a lot of love, since we hadn’t seen each other for a long time.” Love and affection is precisely what he gets from his teammates. talent show. Especially on the part of Bea and Paul, with whom he shares ‘Polvoron’ -one of the ships of the edition— and who dedicated some beautiful words to him after the verdict that announced the Granada native as saved. “I saw it as a sign of camaraderie and love that we all have at the Academy. I was very excited that he used that moment to recognize me and I thought it was very nice. It made me happy to see that kind of affection,” he declares. .

I have seen my nominations as fair, but I wanted to know what I needed to improve to be able to give more of myself

Alvaro Mayo

From his time at OT, The Sevillian has explained how he has received the jury’s evaluations and admits that he has often felt frustrated, not so much because of the nomination itself, which he has always understood, but because he did not know what he had to improve for the next performance: “What frustrated me was when they did not give me a specific reason for the nomination, but they did not “I knew what I could work on during the week to improve it. I told myself ‘what do I do now to’ be able to get over this bump and continue evolving.”

On the other hand, he has given his opinion on the possible pacts that are made when voting on the boards at the end of each gala, which reveals the names of two new nominations. And the thing is that, after the last program, a clip went viral in which they talked about this kind of strategy to save Ruslana or, rather, prevent her and Chiara from facing each other at Gala 10. “The decisions must be respected. of each one. It is true that When your partner (for a song) is nominated, you want to save her because she’s the person you’ve worked with all week. Or what your heart tells you. Like me with Bea, who was going to save her until the end of time,” he comments.

Many times at the Academy there is not enough time to be able to stop and write and I understand that (the anthem) could not have been, but it is a shame because we were very excited

Alvaro Mayo

As for music, yesterday they decided among the eight remaining participants, along with Manu, that there would be no anthem. Regarding this bad news, the young man acknowledges that “it was something that we were very excited to do, but it was not working out. I understand that there is a lot of pressure, because there is little competition left. We were all very focused on the final stretch and being able to do it better.” possible… And many times at the Academy there is no time to be able to stop and write and I understand that it could not have beenbut it’s a shame because it made us all very excited.”

And about the direction in which he wants to take his musical career, Álvaro Mayo is clear: “It’s no surprise to anyone, but I’m super popper. I love pop and I’m going there. I would like the single to be more uptempo, more busy. I’m very excited to make music so that people have a good time, to empower us all and have a lot of fun. And if I have time to do a bigger project, I would like to do a little bit of everything now. Maybe, show myself more vulnerable.”


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