Camilo and Evaluna will be parents of their second child: will they tell it in ‘PLIS’, their new song?

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Camilo and Evaluna They have become one of the most romantic couples of the last decade. Their names are known worldwide and their music achieves sold out of all the stadiums they step on. Who hasn’t ever sung their songs? We know that you do. And now they’re back with more music and very, very happy news.

They do everything together, they tell everything together. Two years ago they made the world fall in love with Indigothe song with which they announced that they would be parents for the first time of a baby who would have that name, and now it seems that history is repeating itself because, as exclusively reported by Β‘HOLA! magazine, Camilo and Evaluna are expecting their second child together.

The couple began the year by announcing their fourth collaboration: it will be called PLEASE and will be released next Wednesday, February 7. This is what they have announced on their social networks with a video where you can see the couple smiling and happy to reveal to all their followers what is to come: “Hello, we are Camilo and Evaluna and on February 7th PLIS comes out πŸ™πŸΌπŸοΈ and a couple of surprises 😎”, they wrote on Instagram. What else would you like to tell us?

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“A couple of surprises? Could it be a pair of twins?” asked one of her followers, very observant. And she is not the only one, because the publications surrounding her new song are full of comments about a possible pregnancy for the Venezuelan artist. Be that as it may, the song conveys joy, a great desire to dance and lyrics to dedicate to the person you love most by your side: “Let’s get out of here, please, to our happy place, next to the sea. With you I don’t lack, I don’t lack anything”can be heard in the small fragment that the couple have shown us on their Instagram.

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According to the media, Evaluna would only be three months old, so the new member of the family would arrive after the summer. Will they announce it along with the video clip of PLEASEas happened with Indigo?

Evaluna and Camilo’s lives have always been linked to music. They met through songs, this is how they announced their courtship, their wedding, the house, the arrival of Indigo and it would be part of any of their plans to announce to us everything that is to come.

The Colombian returns to Spain in the summer to repeat the great experience and fill the 13 scenarios that you have on your agenda between the months of June and Julytwo years after his first tour of our country.


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