Interview with Corridor


The return of this Canadian band brings with it a reflection of the inevitable change of time, maturity and the inexhaustible creative impetus of the group.

Youth is something that ends in a moment; Over time, people acquire responsibilities, face adversity or change their environment to obtain new skills with different social groups.

Corridor faces these arduous changes that ended up leading the band to evolve their creative method for the premiere of their new album, Mimi. Furthermore, the French-speaking quintet will show the fruits of this change in the Pitchfork Music Festivala cultural event that will take place in Mexico City from March 6 to 10.

Playing in Mexico City is going to be something very enjoyable, (…) it is going to be our first Show for this premiere,” he mentions J.onathan robertvocalist of the group.

Mimi represented a change for Corridor. They integrated new processes largely due to the new member of the group, Samuel Gougouxwho went from just playing live with them to being an integrated member of the band.

It’s the way we composed and constructed (the album). There is a more electronic approach to this (…) usually you would think of Corridor like this rough guitar, high tones, now it feels fuller (…) there’s something new but you’ll recognize some things too.”

Between limitations such as the pandemic to the daily life of each member, their creative process was pushed to the limit. “It pushed us to be creative with our process, we grew older, now I have a family, one member now has a job,” he says. Jonathan.

I feel like it’s different now because we created everything together, now we did everything separately. “We are discovering how to play our songs live now,” he mentions. Dominic Berthiaume bassist of the group.

Corridor will premiere Mimi on April 28 via Sub Pop. You can listen to their first single, “Mourir Demain” in Spotify.


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