Carlos Alcaraz sings ‘Vagabundo’ with Sebastián Yatra in his concert

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There is nothing more beautiful than a friendship. Carlos Alcaraz and Sebastián Yatra know it well. The Murcian tennis player and the Colombian singer have been good friends for a long time. In fact, last summer, the interpreter of Dharma He went to a charity tennis exhibition in New York to play against the Wimbledon champion.

Now, it has been Carlos Alcaraz who has entered the world of Yatra. And the tennis player has appeared by surprise at the concert that Sebastián gave in the Plaza de Toros in Mexico City. The athlete attended the event after his exhibition with Tommy Paul. What Yatra’s fans did not expect was that she would get on stage to sing with him.

During Vagabundo’s song, Carlos Alcaraz came out on stage. The best of all? Who has been encouraged to pick up the microphone on stage. And yes, he started singing the chorus of the great song. And we have to admit that we are glad that she is dedicating herself to tennis. And music, honestly, is not his thing.

We are not surprised that Carlos came out at this time. And the athlete already recognized that it was one of his favorite songs this year: “It’s a song I listen to a lot.” In fact, the tennis player was encouraged to dance and sing part of the song at the US Open. Without a doubt, a great moment that those attending the concert will never be able to forget.

The origin of their friendship

This same summer, Yatra and Alcaraz had their first approach as friends. THE tennis player invited him by video call to participate in an exhibition tournament in the days before the US Open. Of course, the singer of The couple of the year I agree.

It is also true that Sebastián Yatra went to the Madrid Open held at the Caja Mágica to watch some of his matches. It is no secret that the Colombian is a tennis lover and that he really enjoys this sport. So having a friend like Carlos Alcaraz is quite an honor. And vice versa!


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