CCCP – Fedeli alla Linea: the LIVE ALBUM “Altro Che Nuovo Nuovo” will be released on February 23rd

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“Altro Che Nuovo Nuovo” is the title of CCCP – Fedeli alla Linea’s live album which will be released on February 23rd. The original rediscovered and remastered recording of the band’s first concert in Reggio Emilia on 3 JUNE 1983.


It was 1983, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti and Massimo Zamboni had recently returned from Berlin to a bored Italy, a slave to appearances, dominated by bright signs and American dreams.
A few months later, Ferretti’s mellow and sharp voice and Zamboni’s rough guitar would be joined by the provocative performances of Fatur and Annarella.
Thus, the rhythmic dissociation quickly took shape, daughter of the punk destructuring that was raging in America and England, applied to the Italian melody of bands, dance hall arias and liturgical music, which would define the artistic trajectory of one of the most important groups on the scene Italian musical, CCCP – Fedeli alla Linea.

Now that the sleeping cell has awakened, 40 years after the publication of the first EP “Ortodossia”, an old live recording of the first CCCP – Fedeli alla Linea concert in their Reggio Emilia, held on 3 June 1983 in the gym of the ‘Arci Galileo. A lost, rediscovered tape exhibited in the exhibition at the Cloisters of San Pietro “Felicitazioni! CCCP – Faithful to the line. 1984 – 2024”, considered unrecoverable and apparently unlistenable but which has instead been digitized and remastered.


AMPEX Grand Master 3600 professional recording tape. A cardboard box with now faded colors, inside contained in a vintage flange a ¼ inch tape.

It bears a date, 3 June 1983, a place, Reggio Emilia, Galileo club gym, first CCCP – Fedeli alla Linea concert in Reggio Emilia. Exactly forty years to reveal its presence within the CCCP archive, reopened and explored for the preparation of the Felicitazioni! exhibition.

No life expectancy for those recordings, 40 years is too long for a magnetic tape.

A first visit to a specialized office confirms the diagnosis: the tape should be thrown away. Patience. We arrived late. A second study is recommended to us, mostly for good luck and – impossible, almost fictional – the concert comes out intact, fresh, powerful. All the great classics of that era and – even more surprisingly – even unreleased and lost songs.

It is also surprising to find the flyer announcing the concert, which has now become the album cover.

Finally, it is surprising to resurrect the article published at the time in a local newspaper. The title of the review is perfect: “Punk Concert. The only revolt is the crest.” Nothing but new new» write the CCCP – Fedeli alla Linea.


Contains CCCP’s historic songs in live versions such as “Punk Islam” and “Live in Pankow”, original rearrangements, entire unreleased songs.

“Altro Che Nuovo Nuovo” (Virgin Music / Universal Music Italia) will be available on digital, CD, black double LP and crystal double LP collectible in a limited edition numbered with a print of the original concert flyer in A4 format, exclusively on the store online from Universal Music which will give priority access to a meeting with the band in Reggio Emilia (more information will be released shortly).


Following the public success, the closing of the great exhibition is postponed to March 10th “CONGRATULATIONS! CCCP – Faithful to the line. 1984 – 2024” at the Cloisters of San Pietro in Reggio Emilia, produced and organized by the Palazzo Magnani Foundation and the Municipality of Reggio Emilia.
The exhibition exceeded 25,000 visitors in the 3 months it was open! The exhibition bookshop, set up for the occasion in the Cloisters of San Pietro, has recorded repeated sold outs of catalogues, records and other official CCCP merchandising.


Furthermore, from 24 to 26 February, CCCP will be at the Astra Kulturhaus in Berlin with CCCP to DDDRthe show that combines pro-Soviet Punk and Emilian melodic music in the beating heart of the dismantled Republic of East Germany.

ph. CCCP_photo-by-GUIDO-HARARI


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