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The Italian hard rock band The Clamps blow up the charts on Megamouth, a direct and angry third album.

And three! The Clamps release their new album, titled Megamouth, after accumulating two years of frustration during the global pandemic. The ten tracks that compose it are a pure concentrate of primal rage, compiled here to act as a powerful outlet. Ben’s raw voice does not betray, just like the roughness of his riffs, supported by the equally unleashed Bely (bass) and Marcy (drums). Power trio following in the footsteps of Motörhead (notably on the very rock’n’roll “Bill Jenkins’”), with a surplus of Hellacopters-style punk in the mix, The Clamps also use stoner tones to enhance their rich and rough sound.

With unbridled power, the pieces follow one another and form a coherent whole without resembling each other. If they are angry and concise, they are nevertheless not muddled. The frontman’s declamations manage to float in a muddy sonic mire, perfectly suited to the subject. With gems like the ultra catchy “Blood” or the almost bluesy “Raze The Land”, Megamouth manages to constantly revive his interest, giving different colors to his furious palette.

Ten years after the release of their first album, Deadly Kick For a Fat Sucker, The Clamps continue to show crazy energy, coupled with unvarnished and boundless talent. Megamouth is further proof that a period full of frustration can lead to very exciting results.

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Megamouth is available

Here is the tracklist:

  1. Megamouth
  2. Forty-Nine
  3. Freedom To Run (Down)
  4. Bill Jenkins
  5. Blood
  6. Cubomedusa
  7. Roll Back The Years
  8. Raze The Land
  9. Bombs
  10. Slippin’ Away

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