CCCP in DDDR: a second date at the ASTRA KULTURHAUS in BERLIN

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By popular demand CCCP doubles in DDDR, the CCCP-Fedeli concert. The NEW DATE of Monday 26 February is added to the sold out date in a few minutes at the Astra Kulturhaus in Berlin on Sunday 25 February 2024.

Astra Kulturhaus in RAW Gelände in Friedrichshain, an outpost of a railway and imperial Berlin, the last margin left rudimentary and alive before the definitive assault of cranes and glassed skyscrapers.

Venues, art exhibitions, occupations, the sense of a siege. It is there that we will bring our pro-Soviet Punk and Emilian melodic music, into the heart of the Deutsche Demokratische DISMANTLED Republik, the Dismantled Republic of East Germany: CCCP in DDDR, precisely.

No better place than that capital of collapses and resurrections to give back what has been given to us: a handful of songs that change lives.

Born in the basements of occupied houses, in the darkness of the paved streets, in the writings on the walls, on the folds of faces: Live in Pankow; Punk Islam; Shoot Yurij; Heal me. In good company of as many equals.

we sang: Kebab Träume in der Mauer Stadt

I haven’t eaten kebabs for decades and I don’t dream

or I don’t remember, mine is an exhausting sleep.

The Wall dismantled, behind the Curtain, the post-war period

the city around it is a northern city like the others

we sang: Wir sind die Türken von Morgen

cheap labor stuff but

buried Atatürk is the Sublime Gate

the skyline of Istanbul, not our stuff.

In my Berlin the Reichstag is an old building

out of the way at the bottom of the park and on the front lawn

at sunset a herd of deer grazes.

Behind it is the Wall and a turret to look beyond

sic transit Gloria Mundi – pass me that joint


The great exhibition at the Cloisters of San Pietro in Reggio Emilia continues until 11 February 2024.CONGRATULATIONS! CCCP – Faithful to the line. 1984 – 2024”, produced and organized by the Palazzo Magnani Foundation and the Municipality of Reggio Emilia. A true collective archive that opens up to its public to tell, through images, songs, texts, clothes, sets and experiences, who CCCP were and the phenomenon they continue to be thanks to the relevance of the concepts expressed in music.

The exhibition is linked to the book-catalogue of the same name published by Interno4 edizioni, 465 color pages, available at the Chiostri di San Pietro bookshop and in bookshops.

It is available on CD, double vinyl or special numbered and limited edition deluxe box “FELICITAZIONI!” (USM/Universal Music), which includes two 180g vinyls, a CD, a 20-page booklet with the original sketches of the exhibition and live photos, 5 collectible pins, 5 postcards with unpublished images and prints of 5 portraits of the great photographer Guido Harari taken at Palazzo Masdoni, historic headquarters of the PCI in Reggio Emilia. The 18 historical songs by CCCP – Fedeli alla linea are linked to the exhibition itinerary. It is possible to purchase the deluxe box at the exhibition shop at the Cloisters of San Pietro and online on the Universal Music store: Also available on CD and vinyl are the new reissues of the 2 EPs and 4 studio albums by CCCP – Fedeli alla linea, including “1964 – 1985 Affinity – Divergenze Fra Il Compagno Togliatti E Noi – Del Consegna Della Maggiore Età”, “ Epic Ethnic Ethics Pathos”, “Socialism and Barbarism” and “Orthodoxy II”.


Pre-sales will be available from Wednesday 6 December at 10.00 on Dice and Eventim.


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