Chanel defines her album ‘Água!’, track by track

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Chanel He is already finalizing all the details of his first studio album. Water! It will be available from January 12 and the mommy, the queen, the tough one, a bugatti has decided to give some clues about what we can expect from their debut album.

The artist has defined each of the 12 tracks in one word (or concept). which we will hear in full in 2024. From one of the Sony Music offices, he has signed dozens of posters created from the artwork of his long-awaited first album, which has been taking shape, slowly and with great love, since May 2022.

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With twelve pieces of paper placed in a glass container, Chanel has been naming title by title at random to put us in the situation and transport us to the universe of each song. Clavaito, Loka, Ping pong Slomo and P.M We have already heard them… And we could not agree more with the adjectives with which you have described them.

On the other hand, also has taken the opportunity to tell the inspiration behind one of them. And it is that house party was born after the speech she gave as the announcer of Madrid Pride last year. “Many of the people who are here will have suffered rejection or contempt for the simple fact of being or living your life, I cannot imagine what you have had to go through, but I can promise you that I will fight every day of my life because each of you, of those who are here, receive the pride that you deserve. The time has come to turn insults into proud shouts, to take care of ourselves and defend each other, to protect ourselves from those who think that he who does not live or “He feels like someone else has dictated that he is a criminal,” were some of his words.

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Water! track by track

  1. Clavaitowith Abraham Mateo: “Passion”
  2. Now that I don’t have youwith FMK: “Soap opera… Really, I want to change it. Drama. We like a drama”
  3. Table tenniswith Ptazeta: “Twerk”
  4. lokawith Maikel Delacalle: “Beyonce and Jay-Z… No. Funny
  5. until dawnwith Rocco Hunt and Ze Felipe: “Party synergy”
  6. Round and round: “Al dente and to the point.”
  7. house party: “Pride. Anecdote: this song was born after giving the Pride proclamation in 2022”
  8. Lucky Me: “Power…Woman Power”
  9. Without salt: “Spicy”
  10. Slomo: “Wow, I couldn’t choose a word. Change, step, learning, love, growth, art, fans”
  11. P.M: “Bloody hell. Summer, cool”
  12. Water: “My life”


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