PEGGY GOU, HONEY DIJON and KAYTRANADA for the New Year’s Eve party in NYE Party livestream on Apple Music

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Dance and electronica superstars Peggy Gou, Honey Dijon and KAYTRANADA are the next artists to hit the Apple Music Live stage.

The three DJs’ exhilarating sets at a packed warehouse in Brooklyn, New York will be livestreamed on Apple Music, as part of a 24-hour relay of exclusive DJ mixes, including dance music expert Tim Sweeney of Apple Music, Brooklyn collective Papi Juice, French techno legend Laurent Garnier and many others.

The full performances from the sold-out event will debut Monday, January 1 at 4am exclusively on Apple Music and the Apple TV app. Fans will also be able to stream Apple Music Live performances anytime on demand on both Apple Music and Apple TV+ following the livestream event, and listen to sets in spatial audio on the Apple Music DJ Mix space.


To announce the evening, KAYTRANADA told Apple Music:

When it comes to a New Year’s mix, it’s more of a celebration of, you know, getting through the whole year – whether it was hard or not, you have to celebrate getting to the end of the year. It’s a different approach than the other mixes I do. The way I approach this mix is ​​to go in a more house direction.”

The party continues with the special set of Honey Dijon.

A New Year mix is ​​a new beginning, we are entering a new chapter. So I try to bring that sense of lightness, freshness, joy, renewal and fun,” she tells Apple Music. “I try to bring my culture and my sound. I lean on the incredible support of the black queer people who created house music, so I always enjoy teaching, entertaining and bringing joy.”

Peggy Gouwhich will close the celebrations via live-streaming, states:

I always try to go to my sets or shows half an hour early to feel the atmosphere and see how other DJs play; I’m very sensitive to the energy of the crowd and I try to interpret it as much as possible.” On what to expect next year, she adds simply: “I don’t really like to talk about what to expect or what not to expect, so my fans should expect the unexpected in 2024.”



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