Chanel is honest: “Barei doesn’t like me”

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Who doesn’t remember the Eurovision 2022 scores? Chanel and her Slomo They became one of the stars of the night thanks to their impressive choreography and their way of defending the theme on stage. Although the crystal microphone finally went to Ukraine, Spain came close with a third place finish that tasted like a victory.

But Chanel’s proposal did not please everyone. The artist, who finally won the favor of the public, was not one of the favorites of Benidorm Fest 2022. Nor was it true of other fellow artists. This is the case of Barei, Spanish representative of Eurovision 2016 with Say Yay!, who in an interview with Malbert on the La Red Room program left his position on SloMo: “Well, it wasn’t my favorite, to be honest. I’m not going to deny it. I liked Rigoberta’s. I loved it. And, apart from that, being a mother. Imagine. It really touched my nerves.”

Of course, he also praised Chanel’s work: “It is true that ‘SloMo’ as lyrics, as such, is not something that I like or that inspires me at all. But I understand that it is very catchy, very danceable, that she does it very well. To sing and dance like that at the same time, you have to be brave enough to do it.”

Chanel remembers that moment

Now, in an interview for the program Little is said by Xuso Jones and Briten, the Clavaito interpreter has spoken about Barei. The Murcian presenter recalled that in 2016 he was on the verge of going to Eurovision. And that year, in Eurovision Destination where he performed, they chose Barei’s song.

“Barei doesn’t like me,” the artist interrupted. “Don’t you like Eurovision?” said Xuso incredulously. “No, he doesn’t like me,” Chanel stressed. “Because I saw interviews with Barei and he didn’t like me. But I send you a kiss,” the singer said.

It is true that if we go to Barei’s social networks, the composer encouraged Chanel’s proposal on her social networks. “Come on, Chanel. She’s going to dance her ass off,” wrote the Say Yay! singer. on the day of the Eurovision final on May 14, 2022.

Whatever the case, it’s okay if someone doesn’t like our work. In the end, not everyone can be a croquette.


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