Chenoa takes advantage of the pull of ‘OT 2023’ and returns to music with ‘Dancing with you’

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Chenoa He has never left music, but he has dedicated the last few years to training in the field of entertainment, also with spectacular results. Television has given him many joys and he has grown to the point of presenting the program that changed his life: Triumph operation. It was precisely that, knowing that she was stepping on that set again, that has led the artist to resume her recording career.

Chenoa releases new single: ‘Bailar Contigo’

Although he has done some collaboration, Chenoa I hadn’t released an album for seven years, but being a presenter OT 2023 has given him the desire and the push to inaugurate this new musical era that begins with Dance with you. This song, where he opts for pop and a danceable and enjoyable melody, comes as a letter of introduction for a larger work that he has been working on in recent months.

Because baby back

My head won’t stop spinning

And the truth is because I’m back

Although I want to deny it, I don’t want to walk away

I just want to dance with you

Dance with you generates good vibes, with a letter where Chenoa She is enjoying herself and talks about a crush, about that moment where it happens and you can’t stop thinking about the other person. We don’t know if it was based on a personal story, but we love to see and listen to the artist singing about love, also evoking the times and disco music of the eighties.

“’Dancing with you’ is more than a song; It is the sensation of shining and vibrating non-stop during a beautiful moment in which everything spins and moves to the most dance rhythm. The retro sounds fused with trendy musical touches intertwine and flow, giving it shape and leading you to dance without thinking about it, simply letting yourself go… dancing with you, without more or less,” says Chenoa about this single in a statement included in his label. AliasMusic.

Chenoa’s comeback

With Dance with you, Chenoa makes his great and long-awaited return to music. In a recent interview on WECB on the occasion of the premiere of OT 2023, she herself told the reason for the break and the reason that led her to return to the recording studio. These were her exact words: “I didn’t want to release an album, I wanted to make entertainment. Sometimes they limit you a lot to what you know how to do and I’m not interested,” she explained then.

And she added: “I’ve been doing this for eight years and I have managed to be the host of a program that I love and adore with all my heart. ¿What has changed now? Man, it bothered me a little that everyone is going to be singing and I’m not. Now it has a meaning. In summer I have been getting into work. “I had a lot of ideas and there is one of those ideas that is going to come out.”

On the other hand, on his official Instagram account he also launched this new era that, a priori, will be supported by what will be his eighth studio album. “Nerves, enormous excitement and a great desire to show you everything we have been preparing these months in the studio and to be able to enjoy it together,” she said. “You’ve been asking me for music for a long time, and I can finally give you a preview. New stage, new songs and with an unbeatable team that make everything easy and magical.”

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Let’s hope that this new stage involves seeing Chenoa on the stage of Triumph operation singing this new single and, why not, a medley of the most important songs from his discography. We can’t wait!


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