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Tedua’s ascension from hell to his paradise, between art, music and words, in the first Milanese stop of his “The Divine Comedy tour”.

A Tedua concert is not a simple rap show but a real experiential journey, a story and a narration straight into his sonic and lyrical universe.

Tedua, as with his songs, puts more into this live show than just words. He always searches for scenarios, visions and suggestions that intersect art (there are quotes ranging from Rodin, Escher, even if it is the Scala in Milan to Burri), literature, music on which he masterfully bases his experience, his street life, his credible experience.

Even in the two hours that this evening’s concert lasted, he traveled through the imagination of his Divine Comedy, creating many visual suggestions but also just as many sound suggestions that are not limited to the pre-packaged bases that filled the live raps of a few years ago but go far beyond and become one of the possible evolutions of Italian songwriting.

For this, his Milanese premiere, Tedua also calls on friends and colleagues in his story, starting with Federica Abbate who participates in Angel In Hell (Psalm is not there) to follow Kid Yugi in Artificial ParadisePaky in RareVaz Tea and Disme in Blue Face, his lifelong friend Bresh in two songs Step by step and Free soulsBnkr44 in The truth and finally Capo Plaza in Dust.

Now a few days’ break and then we return to Milan on December 4th.

In the meantime, the news also arrives that Tedua will be the first of the next Italian headliners on June 29th I-Days in Milan of this summer: the final act for Mario Molinari who from Cogoleto rose to the Paradise of Italian music!



For the design of the Tedua show, the artist entered into a fundamental collaboration with the Blearred Milano studio, guided by the creative vision of the show designer Jordan Babev and set designer Eleonora Peronetti. The intent is to offer an immersive experience based on the album “La Divina Commedia”, proposing a fascinating visual journey through Hell and Purgatory. Tedua, in addition to being the protagonist, had a decisive role in the creative contribution, actively collaborating in the creation of the entire design of the show.


The central element of the scenario is our reinterpretation of the famous “Gate of Hell” by Auguste Rodin, transformed into the visionary “Gate of Hell by Tedua”. In collaboration with Eleonora Peronetti, renowned set designer and set designer and professor at NABA, Blearred Milano studio brought this bold vision to life. At the center of this door is an avant-garde LED screen, symbol of a perfect union between the real and digital world.

The stage, with its intricate rock formations, evokes the infernal environment described by Dante, offering Tedua and his musicians solid platforms on which to perform, enriching the performance with dynamism and depth. During the show, a dense fog envelops the stage, filtering through the rocks and giving a surreal and engaging atmosphere.


In addition to the impeccable artistic direction, one of the salient aspects of the show is the lighting programming, masterfully curated by Matteo Moro. The lighting plays with shadows and lights, revealing and concealing scenic elements in a theatrical way, enriching every moment with dynamism and emotion. Additional special effects accentuate the hellish and purifying atmosphere of the show’s different acts.


The creativity of the show also draws inspiration from the pictorial style of Alberto Burri. Characterized by a material and informal art, Burri influenced the creation of the rock formations and the door, combining roughness and elegance. Marco Giacobbe and Davide Spazzadeschi, talented Milanese content producers, completed the work with abstract video content, characterized by a particular digital pictorial treatment. These “digitally painted paintings in motion” combine the classic essence of painting with the dynamism of digital, fusing classic and contemporary in a unique visual synergy.


For the dates of the La Divina Commedia Tour, Tedua decided to wear custom made garments from the PDF brand, produced by Fabon Evolution, made to measure by the stylist Domenico Formichetti. Looks inspired by street style that play with volumes and material compositions, which allow the artist to blend in and at the same time stand out within the scenography in which he is immersed during the shows.

SCORE: 8.00


Monday 04 December 2023 | Milan, Mediolanum Forum – SOLD OUT
Tuesday 05 December 2023 | Milan, Mediolanum Forum – SOLD OUT
Friday 08 December 2023 | Bologna, Unipol Arena – SOLD OUT
Sunday 10 December 2023 | Naples, Palapartenope – SOLD OUT
Tuesday 12 December 2023 | Turin, Pala Alpitour – SOLD OUT
Wednesday 13 December 2023 | Milan, Mediolanum Forum – SOLD OUT


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