Myke Towers prepares for his new album: this is how some of the songs it will include sound like

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The fans of Mike Towers They are looking forward to hearing the new stuff from their favorite artist. And a few days ago she revealed on stage at his concert that Santa Claus is going to come early this year and bring his Christmas gift during the month of November. What is it? Nothing more and nothing less than a new studio album.

Since he announced it, all eyes were on Young Kingz’s movements on social media. In fact, through them he shared several previews a few hours ago that have not left his fans indifferent. Reggaeton is coming, but it seems that trap is also coming. The disco-buster Myke Towers is back!

The previews of his new studio album came through a live stream on his Instagram account. Taking advantage of the fact that she was listening to her next tracklist in the car, she decided to connect with her fans to share a few seconds of them. Immediately, thousands of users connected so as not to miss a single detail of what is coming next.

But that is not all. The artist also wanted to warm up with his new musical era through the dissemination channel of his Instagram account. He has shared two audios in which he plays the intro of some new song.

It is still unknown when Myke Towers’ new album will be released, but what is clear is that there is less left than we imagine. Taking into account all these previews that he has shared on social networks, everything indicates that the Puerto Rican is more ready than ever for his premiere. Many predict that it will be November 23, but we will have to wait to find out.

Our protagonist has been in charge of providing the soundtrack to many of our parties. His LALA has completely conquered the charts, and when they thought that her listening on international radio and in the playlists of digital platforms was going to decrease, she released her video clip with María Pedraza and her views skyrocketed again. But the unstoppable success of the song has caused him a dilemma when it comes to releasing new songs. As she revealed on her Twitter account a few days ago, the pressure to match or surpass the scope of the topic is very present. Although it seems that she has already forgotten about it.

And you, do you want to hear what’s new from Myke Towers?


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