Damiano David (Måneskin) and Dove Cameron: surprise couple of 2023

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How we love a new romance! Especially if it’s between two celebs. When we thought that 2023 was not going to give us new surprise couples, suddenly Damiano David (not Lola Lolita) is caught kissing passionately with Dove Cameron. Yes, the Disney girl who starred in the L moviesthe Descendants.

The Italian singer, known throughout the world for being the vocalist of Måneskin, has been seen with Dove Cameron on an Australian beach. The couple appears giving some heated kisses on the seashore. Him with a hood and a white cap (incognito); She, with a long ponytail and a black jacket.

The photos have been captured in Sydney. And the best of all is that we not only see kisses in these photos, we also see smiles and good vibes. Has love arisen between them? The photos have been published by Solo su chi magazine: an Italian publication specialized in heart.

In fact, between the pages of the magazine, we can see the couple of singers walking along the beach hand in hand. Both smiling, both happy and in love. And few things restore a person’s enthusiasm as much as the beginning of a relationship!

Some rumors that sounded strong

Damiano David is in Australia due to his Maneskin tour of the country of Oceania with his RUSH! WorldTour. For her part, Dove Cameron could have gone to that part of the world just to spend time with her boy. And it is worth remembering that on November 3, the couple was already seen at the Sao Paulo airport together. But it wasn’t the first time. During Maneskin’s performance at Madison Square Garden, Dove was also seen with the group.

Now, finally, this romance has been confirmed and we are sure that the couple will be seen on many more occasions. For now, the Italian band plans to go to Asia to continue their tour. Dove, for its part, is in full promotion of its next album: Alchemical. At the moment, we have already been able to listen to the song Sand.

Can you imagine a musical collaboration between the Italian group and the American singer? And anything can happen.


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