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New dates in Italy and Europe for the tour of Daniela Pes, the talented artist who won the Tenco Award for Best First Film with her debut album “Spira”.

Already winner of the prestigious Andrea Parodi award in 2017, of the Nuovoimaie (2017 and 2018) and SIAE best music awards in the field of Musicultura, Daniela Pes is among the most interesting personalities on the current scene. Seven tracks make up an album between elegant and dark electronics with at times galloping beats and ambient with a cosmic breath surrounded by the singing of an artist with multifaceted talent, devoted to the deconstruction of the song form and the deconstruction of the language to create an esoteric sound world in which the archaic, the contemporary and the futuristic envelop each other as in the gravitational dance of two galaxies about to merge.

Born in 1992, born in Gallura, with a jazz background that allows her absolute compositional freedom, Daniela Pes uses her voice as an instrument, singing in a language made up of ancient Gallura words, fragments of Italian terms, totally invented words: organic molecules of a new language in which the verses are freed from metric and the words are not the vehicle of a concept, but pure sound, like beads of an articulated phonetic rosary, inaccessible from a rational point of view but intoxicating from an emotional point of view.

Lunar and mysterious, Daniela Pes therefore accesses the primordial dimension of language to define a new archetype of communication. She is as enigmatic as a Greek oracle, she transports those who listen to her into the depths of an initiation, dominated by the fascination for the magical aspects of music. Composed on guitar, piano and with the Ableton software over three years – a period of time in which a profound and constant comparison with IOSONOUNCANE developed – the seven tracks of Spira develop as sound flows rather than as songs and they seem to draw the music of a shamanic ritual.

Produced by IOSONOUNCANE, Spira was released on April 14th by Tanca Records on vinyl and on all digital platforms. The tour is produced by Panico Concerti.


Daniela Pes is a Sardinian musician and singer-songwriter born in the heart of Gallura in 1992, winner of the Targa Tenco for Best First Work in 2023 with her debut album Spira, released on 14 April for Tanca Records. Her voice and her music escape predetermined classifications and containers. Daniela Pes is immersed in the flow of music as a singer, as an instrumentalist, as an electronic musician. She is a multifaceted talent. In fact, she arrives at her debut with a curriculum that includes a degree in Jazz Singing at the Sassari Conservatory and a scholarship to the Nuoro Jazz Summer Seminars directed by Paolo Fresu, which led her to perform at Time in Jazz and at the Harp Festival in Rio de Janeiro. The picture is completed by the prestigious Andrea Parodi award in 2017 (where she won the critics’ award, international jury, best music and best arrangement) and the best music award and the Nuovoimaie award at Musicultura in 2018.



These are the next live shows announced:

08.12 Mestre (VE) – youTHeater / Teatro del Parco SOLD OUT
12.12 Rome – Qube / MArteLive NEW
15.12 Ravenna – Passatelli in Bronson
18.12 Avellino – Crypt of the Cathedral (only) NEW – SOLD OUT
20.12 Naples – Auditorium Novecento NEW
21.12 Bari – Officina degli Esordi / Muse 2023
22.12 Taranto – New Market / Muse 2023
23.12 Lecce – Officine Cantelmo
03.01 Catania – Zo
04.01 Palermo – I Candelai
06.01 Capua (CE) – Ricciardi Theater NEW
12.01 Terni – CHAOS / Musical Tastings NEW
13.01 Pesaro – Experimental Theater NEW
17.01 Groningen (NLD) – Eurosonic NEW
26.01 Cagliari – Fabrik NEW
27.01 Alghero (SS) – Civic Theater NEW
23.02 Ljubljana (SVN) – MENT NEW




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