Sebastián Yatra’s unexpected message on his WhatsApp channel: “An album to cut your veins…”

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WhatsApp broadcast channels have also become fashionable among artists. They take advantage of these avenues to be closer to their fans, as is the case of Sebastian Yatra. The Colombian always looks for a way to connect with the people who listen to his music and go to see him sing live at one of his concerts, and even more so now that he is close to releasing what is going to be his next album. study of him.

After confirming his breakup with Aitana – after a year of beautiful courtship and songs dedicated to each other -, the artist is preparing for the release of his fourth album. A very special and personal album of which we have already heard three previews: A night without thinking, Homeless and cool energy.

To whet your appetite, Yatra-Yatra has written a message on his WhatsApp channel to reveal the topics he is going to discuss in the successor to Dharma. Be very careful because the singer’s words are more than significant considering what has happened recently.

Carlos Alcaraz sings 'Vagabundo'  with Sebastián Yatra in his concert
Carlos Alcaraz sings ‘Vagabundo’ with Sebastián Yatra in his concert

“To those who need an album to cut their wrists, feel like they are dying, revive, heal, start over, feel that the world doesn’t understand them and then feel that the world loves them and they have a reason to be here… a sense…”the one from Medellín has written, adding four question marks that makes us think that he will soon reveal the official title of that fourth and highly anticipated album.

Two years after ‘Dharma’

Dharma was the recording work that allowed Sebastián Yatra to position himself as one of the most influential Latin artists internationallywith hits like ideal girl, couple of the year and Red high heels. This fourth album, a priori, will arrive two years after this release and hardly much is known about it beyond those first singles.

Will there be as many collaborations as in Dharma? Will you have more songs dedicated to Aitana? Place your bets!


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