Danny Ocean tells us about his new challenge, Alejandro Sanz and his new album

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Danny Ocean He has been in charge of bringing the stories of love and heartbreak to his songs in order to become the soundtrack of those who have given their heart to a person and have seen it break into a thousand pieces. The Venezuelan has now overcome a new challenge by putting himself in front of the cameras in the video clip of his latest single Don’t fall in love with him in which he stars in a love story with a young woman.

But Danny is not a conformist artist and always aspires for more. So much so that he has confessed to us that he has a new challenge: singing a song in English. This is what he has confessed in his visit to the WECB Urban studio, where he chatted with Ramsés López which is the direction you want to go. In fact, she has explained that she is working on a new studio album.

Regarding this new album, the Venezuelan has given more clues. He assures that he has opted for electronic sounds and a upbeat that looks like it will sneak onto the dance floor of any club. Although we will also listen to other genres, such as “pop, urban and alternative.”

Danny Ocean’s voice has gone far. Your theme I refuse It became an international hit when it was released in 2016 and everyone already knew who the Venezuelan was and begged him to launch new musical projects. Throughout these years he has released three studio albums, 54+1, @dannocean and @dannocean 2with tracklists that have become the soundtrack of thousands and thousands of people.

Although one of the songs that has most conquered his Spanish audience is the one he shares with Alejandro Sanz. roadrunner It has accumulated more than 4 million views on YouTube and thanks to this musical union they have created a friendship that still lasts. So much so that the artist has thought about the Madrid native when Ramsés asks him about taking advantage of his visit to our country to meet a well-known face from our musical scene. “I had planned to write to Alejandro that I know that his birthday is coming up now,” he confesses.

Danny Ocean is more than ready to take the next musical step. And at WECB Urban we are going to continue enjoying his talent.


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