PIANO CITY MILANO returns from 17 to 19 May

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PIANO CITY MILANO returns from 17 to 19 May 2024, the festival that fills the whole city with music with hundreds of concerts with free admission, in parks, courtyards, houses that open to the public for the occasion and many other unusual places.

The last edition of Piano City Milan presented over 250 concerts in more than 140 locations throughout the city, involving more than 300 national and international artists and saw many new features, from House Concerts and Courtyard Concerts to Piano Readings. Every year Piano City Milano renews itself by giving the public new concerts created specifically for the festival.

Since its birth in 2011 Piano City Milano, the city’s first widespread festival, has stood out for being an extraordinary event in the cultural panorama, which over the years has welcomed an increasingly numerous and heterogeneous audience.

Over the years he has created significant spaces in the city, raised the curtain of the Giorgio Gaber Lyric Theater and has been involved in social issues with special events and initiatives to experience urban spaces with shared listening experiences, he has brought the general public to places such as city ​​hospitals, prisons, the Refettorio Ambrosiano in collaboration with Caritas Ambrosiana, Casa Emergency, Fondazione InOltre and others, and touched on sensitive issues by bringing music to emblematic places such as the Bosco di Rogoredo and the Reception Center for Asylum Seekers in Via Corelli.


Piano City Milano is a project promoted and implemented by the Piano City Milano Association together with the Municipality of Milan with the support of the Ministry of Culture. With the collaboration of public institutions, private companies, associations active in the area and the participation of citizens, the festival contributes to the dynamic energy of the city with a program that involves every corner of the urban fabric.


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