Danza Invisible announces ‘Without saying goodbye’, a farewell tour of twelve concerts

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Considered one of the most successful bands in the 80s in our country, Invisible Dance It is part of one of the most important stages of Spanish pop. Leadered by Javier Ojedamanaged to achieve massive success starting from the most transgressive side of the music scene.

In 2022, it will be 40 years since the publication of the group’s first album, Dreams. Four decades of one of the icons of Spanish pop, also considered one of the groups that were part of the Madrid scene during the 80s in Spain.

The group from Malaga announced yesterday that they will do a tour of twelve concerts, titled after one of their songs, Without say goodbyebefore his final farewell.

Javier Ojeda, vocalist of Danza Invisible. / SOPA Images

According to EFE, this is “news that may seem very sad, but is not such,” because, “After so many years playing together, the time has come to say goodbye, but without saying goodbye”stated the singer Javier Ojeda, who participated along with the rest of the band in the Culture Classroom of the newspaper Sur.

“We are going to do one last very selected tour, of only twelve stellar performances in which we want to celebrate so many years of friendship, good vibes, endless revelry and infinite extraordinary concertshighlighted Ojeda, who recognizes that for him “It has been an honor to have been one of the pioneer groups from the provinces to show that they could succeed”, and this tour will serve “to remember a lot of old songs and delight people from all over Spain”.

“We are going to say goodbye as a joint band doing what we have always done, being a band of great friends who have a good time together”Ojeda has insisted, in addition to admitting that in the decision to separate “of course There is a little personal wear and tear, and anyone who denies that is lying, but there is also a physiological reason, which is the damn age..

“Even though people say I’m hyperactive, I also get tired”assured the vocalist, who pointed out that, in these more than forty years of music and friendship, The only drama was the separation from Ricardo Texidó in 1993.founding member of the group. “There wasn’t even a fight, because it’s not our personality to be yelling at each other. It happened because we had stopped being friends, but we didn’t hold any grudges against Ricardo, and I will be grateful to him all my damn life. for giving me the opportunity to sing with them”Ojeda highlighted.

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Forty years later, after touring throughout Spain, recording in Manchester and achieving platinum status by selling more than 120,000 copies, Invisible Dance continues to be a leading band on the national scene and continues to inspire new generations.


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