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This Wednesday, February 7, we will experience a journey through time with David Bisbalprotagonist of our next WECB Basic Santander. After more than two decades dedicated to music, he has a wide repertoire to review and a thousand anecdotes to tell. A good dose of nostalgia that we will experience with him at the Teatro Eslava on a night that promises to be magical and full of surprises.

This is, without a doubt, a special month for the people of Almería who This February 11, 2024 you will be able to celebrate 20 years of Bulería. It was the second album from that contestant Triumph operation who was a finalist in the program and first in international projection. Your album Latin heart It was quite a bombshell that left clues to the great artist he was, as he once again demonstrated with this second work.

threw Bulería months after having won his first Latin Grammy as a revelation artist, one of the most important awards of his career that he still remembers today because of what it meant to him. He had also received the Ondas Award and had begun his first Latin American tour.

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At that time he was still a couple Chenoa, although only for a couple more months. Her life was going to take a turn, personally and professionally, she had a runway waiting for her.

In that atmosphere of euphoria and dreams fulfilled, we talked to him about his aspirations at that moment. He was only 24 years old and had a life ahead of him.. Now, two decades later, we can take stock of their expectations back then and the place they occupy today.

We have recovered an interview we did with him in WECB in 2004 to see what he said back then and compare it with the point he is at now to check what things have been accomplished, what have changed and what has happened in between.

#1. David’s dream

My sleep was very limited. It was recording an album that was already very difficult. I have received a lot of help from the record company, they had many projects with me and logically I am not going to say no. I’m going to say yes because it’s more than a dream”.

In 2004, David Bisbal recognized that his dream when he started all this was to record an album. It was fulfilled as soon as I left Triumph operation. And since then they have been happening one after the other until I feel alive, the one he launched in 2023 and the last one so far. That dream soon became obsolete and The goals grew day by day as I surpassed them.. Now what he dreams of is to continue staying in music all his life and it seems that she is going to achieve it.

David Bisbal, Rosa López and David Bustamante, the three finalists of OT1.

David Bisbal, Rosa López and David Bustamante, the three finalists of OT1. / Xavi Gomez

#2. Loss of anonymity

It’s different from what I did before. Maybe it was more enjoyable because I had more free time, because I returned home, because whenever I wanted I could see my colleagues, I could go out in Almería. I could walk and I could do a thousand things, but it’s not that it overwhelmed me that much.”.

In that 2004 David Bisbal I was beginning to live what it means to be a celebrity that he has to give up his private life and do many things anonymously. He missed that life of freedom that comes from not having the fame he now enjoys. But he got used to it over the years and now he lives his life with the naturalness of the status he has achieved.

#3. Ambassador of Almeria

I am from Almería, I am from Andalusia, I am from Spain. For me it is a huge pleasure to say the things we have, the customs and, above all, it is more beautiful when you carry your land in music, we must never lose that.”.

If there is something that has not changed over time, it is the love that David feels for his homeland. From the beginning of his career he carried Almería in his mouth and in his heart. Little could he have imagined at the time that just two years later would receive the medal of Andalusia becoming one of the youngest to achieve this recognition. And, years later, in 2023, he would end up being named Favorite Son of the City of Almería. In all these years it has become the best tourism ambassador of the Andalusian city.

David Bisbal kisses the medal that accredits him as Favorite Son of Almería that was awarded to him on February 27, 2023.

David Bisbal kisses the medal that accredits him as Favorite Son of Almería that was awarded to him on February 27, 2023. / Europa Press News

#4. Disc release

You can never have peace of mind at a record release. The day I say, bah, it will be fine, no, I don’t think one feels music like that. On the contrary, I am, you can say in words, that I shit myself. I’m afraid because it really is a proposal, you’re always wondering what they’ll say, if they’ll like it, if they won’t like it. It is a responsibility, you cannot go through life calmly. The day you are calm means that you care little about music”.

This is a thought that hasn’t changed much. Keep holding those nerves and He never takes anything for granted and that has helped him reach today, being one of the greatest representatives of Spanish music in the entire world.. There are now eight studio albums and that feeling remains as made evident with the release of I feel alive last year.

David Bisbal and Rosanna Zanetti at the presentation of 'I feel alive', in 2023.

David Bisbal and Rosanna Zanetti at the presentation of ‘I feel alive’, in 2023. / Borja B. Leaves

#5. Family life

You always think about your personal life, it’s the first thing you think about. Now we have to take advantage of everything we have dreamed of throughout our lives and right now we cannot deny many things to enjoy. I have always thought that we will enjoy it in the future, but I don’t know when it will arrive. Now I have close support, very well aware that we both have to work to make a little space for ourselves, which cannot be done with a record.”.

When he spoke these words he was still in a relationship with Chenoa. Distance was what predominated in a relationship between two artists who had to take advantage of the great professional moment they were experiencing. But he always made it clear that family was a priority and 20 years later he has proven it. She now she has a family next to Rosanna Zanetti and his three children and he is clear that work is important, but as long as he leaves time for his family. Now he organizes his agendas in a different way and finds time for everything.

#6. His brother

He gives me stability the moment I come down (from the stage), he is always by your side and he is your brother, he is blood, you know he will never let you down and that is very important to have.”.

In those beginnings, Jose Maria, David’s brother was his right-hand man and the one who took care of everything on his tours. Over time that changed. His brother stopped being his manager and their relationship focused on the family and personal. José María has not had very good years and, in fact, in 2023 he suffered injuries that affected his bone marrow and left him in a wheelchair. Now he has focused on para-badminton competition and participates in high competitions. They are still very close, but on a personal level. David did not hesitate to visit the hospital where his brother was admitted recovering and star in one of his most special performances.

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#7. Leisure

My last day off…I went with my colleagues, I went for a walk with my colleagues. I went to the cinema, but with the hat, the glasses, you don’t know. Sunday was, full of people, imagine and we went to see a movie, The Last Samurai, by Tom Cruise or whatever you say, I don’t care, Tom, among friends, but there was no box office, that movie is having a success You see, but in the end we couldn’t go, so we bought some hamburgers there at the burger, we went for a ride in the car and in the end we ended up at home watching a mido movie, to shit ourselves”.

With this naturalness David spoke to us in 2004 about what he did on a day off. Youth plans that have little to do with those now that he is already a 44-year-old man. If there is something that remains, it is that naturalness and simplicity, but of course, he no longer eats at the burger with his colleagues like he used to.. Now his status is different and so are his plans.

#8. The public

The connection that the public gives you, the joy that the public gives you is later what you transmit. The energy that one can transmit to the public is the joy that takes from the public is a wheel, a complete symbiosis. It is a charm and it is the purpose of working in music”.

Another thing that has not changed no matter how much two decades have passed is the gratitude that David has always shown for his audience. He has always had his followers in mind, to whom he is aware that he owes the great career he has had.. His fan club is still active and is almost family.

Meeting of David Bisbal with his fans in 2004.

Meeting of David Bisbal with his fans in 2004. / Rodrigo Varela

#9. A desire

To make the most of it, I would like to last a lifetime in music. I think it is the dream of any musician or any artist.”.

In 2004 he already stated this desire that remains the same 20 years later. David wanted to dedicate his life to music and that has not changed. He has been there for more than 20 years and those that remain.

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