PREMIERE: Prismatic Shapes shares “Tensión”

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Back to post punk: the city’s tireless gallop, sometimes overwhelming but always exciting in its daily pulsation.

Unforeseen vertigo, sudden dizziness and the growing adrenaline of knowing that you are a traveler in the collective space, is what Prismatic Shapes plans to broadcast via “Strain”second track from the new EP, where we will hear them return to punk and post punk.

The Mexican gothic rock and new wave band has kept its gothic aesthetic growing behind the streets, dazzling its fans through dark routes and nights of urban chaos. Being Pedro Gopar and Guillermo Torres the protagonists, Prismatic Shapes It represents through a video all this chaos of the city, wandering through busy and sometimes lonely places, where they are marked by great moments in history and, in addition, give an essential touch showing the passage from day to night. Discover these moments of “Strain” exclusively for Indie Rocks!

The members of Prismatic Shapes They have asked themselves a question: “Who the hell said that punk can’t purify you?”, this is the reason why they combine elements that highlight their songs, such as good noise management and atmospheric recreation. Sebastian Garrido Together with the band, they created “Strain”a theme where the battery stands out Juan Carlos Larios (known for playing with Brian Setzer Rockabilly Riot and the psychobilly gang, The Quakes) and we cannot leave aside the dark rhythms of the guitar, which is accompanied by lyrics full of lucidity.

Created in 2017, Prismatic Shapes is a Mexican band that seeks to be “A means to express their fascination with the pop culture of the 80s and the videocassette era”, they have made us relive melancholic rhythms and lyrics throughout their musical career.

This new single “Strain” It is part of the post punk created in Mexico, breaking its comfort zone and seeks to continue shining the night with “Grey Faces everywhere”.


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