“Dilemma”, the new release from Green Day

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A song that talks about addictions and the people we don’t want to be.

green Day shared another single of Saviorsis about “Dilemma”, a song that is going to be one of the favorites of the album. Let us remember that previously we already had two singlesthese being “The American Dream is Killing Me” and “Look Ma, No Brains!”.

The song welcomes us with a simple progression where at first glance it would seem to be a ballad where the protagonists would be Billie Joe and his guitar, but it is not like that, from one moment to the next we can hear a harsher sound, the same that the band has already accustomed us to. The theme is about addictions, with lines like “Welcome to my problems/ It’s not an invitation/ This is my dilemma.” and “I was sovereign, now I’m drunk again/ I’m in trouble and in love again/ I don’t want to be a dead man walking.” We can realize a problem which many people are within and green Day It comes to invite us to rethink that idea of ​​many people’s lives.

The video shows us what a night of partying and drinks with Billie Joe and how bad excesses can make a person. All of this mostly in black and white, as if it were something we wanted to forget. Despite being a song that addresses complex topics, it stays stuck in your mind from the first time you hear it, it is a true audiovisual delight that you are going to love.

Saviors is about to be released on January 19 through Reprise and we can’t wait to hear it in full, while that happens give a chance to “Dilemma” and don’t end up like Billie Joe Armstrong on these December dates.


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