“Night of the Hunter”, the new title of the Libertines

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The new song is taken from the Libertines’ upcoming album, “ All Quiet on the Eastern Esplanade “.

The Libertines have released a new single, “ Night of the Hunter », accompanied by a video clip. The song will appear on the group’s fourth studio album, All Quiet on the Eastern Esplanadewhich will be released on March 8, 2024 on Casablanca/Republic Records.

The video was directed by Alex Brown and filmed in Cliftonville, Margate and at the Libertines’ hotel, The Albion Rooms. This is the second installment in a series of Margate-themed videos, following the single “ Run, Run, Run », which features the characters from the songs of All Quiet on the Eastern Esplanade.

The song’s title is taken from the Charles Laughton film, which stars Robert Mitchum as a preacher with the words ” Love ” And ” Haste » tattooed on the knuckles.

The song is about not being above the lawexplained Peter Doherty, the leader of the group, in a press release. This guy doesn’t really know why his friend died, but he has the feeling that his friend was looking for him. He messed with the wrong people, he stole something he shouldn’t have, and he got stabbed. So he’s angry and hurt, and he has to get revenge, which he does, and that’s the end for him. Once he stabs the boy who stabbed his friend, it’s over for him. He got his revenge and he knows they’re going to come for him and he’s not even going to try to run away because he knows he’ll just run away forever. »

I started writing a riff and it ended up sounding a bit like Swan Lake, and everyone said “Yes!”adds guitarist Carl Barât. Then we brought in Peter’s theremin, which took a day to get right, and then he played this sequence and it worked wonderfully. The idea of ​​being sentenced to ten years in prison is horrible. The condemned dies 1000 times. »


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