Disco Bahía premieres “Automobile”

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The dim lights of the car, the small space and the obvious connection between two people.

The group originally from León, Guanajuato, is making its debut with the third single from what will be Paradisco, upcoming debut album. After introducing ourselves “Paradisco” and “Nocturnal”, Disco Bahia gives us “Car”song inspired by “Billie Toppy” of Men I Trust (Let’s remember that this April 4th they will be in charge of opening the singer’s show in Guadalajara).

This inspiration was the result of experimenting with new sounds and mixtures of genres, where in addition to playing with harmony and vocal choirs, one of the instruments that stand out throughout the melody is the transverse flute, which will be very present within of Paradisco.

For this single we were greatly inspired by the song Men I Trust,Billie Toppy, we wanted to make a similar beat and bass line, something punk. We really like the contrast it has ‘Car‘, because it has punk overtones, but without losing the softness of soul and pop, as well as the nuances of voices and breaths that characterize the production of this album,” he expressed Disco Bahia in a press release.

When talking about an intimate connection full of warmth and security, “Nocturnal” is in charge of representing that feeling, but when you are in an encounter full of magic and connection beyond physical attraction and the mundane, ‘night love’ transcends to the sound of “Car”. You can now listen to it on all digital platforms.

This third single was produced by great musicians who have scored great successes within the industry such as Coco Santos, member of the emblematic band clubz and Kiddzie musician Noah Pino Palo with whom he has had great collaborations, in addition to opening some shows for them.

Don’t miss the presentation of Disco Bahia inside the festival Tecate Pa’l Norte next March 31.

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