Shakira makes an important announcement and there is a theory that is gaining strength

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It was a matter of time before the comeback of Shakira materialize into something bigger. Her latest songs have allowed her to be number one and revalidate her position as an international diva with one hit. The Music Session with Bizarrap, the collaboration with Karol G, the feature with his children… the ode to spite has worked for him and now it’s time to take it to the next level.

Shakira has made all the presses stop with the latest advertisement that she has shared on her social networks. “Pay attention”, has written about Barranquilla on both Instagram and X (formerly Twitter). The publication also has an attached video in which you can see some parts of his latest video clips and the image of an exploding diamond. Next, a “coming soon” sign appears, which means that we will soon have news of something that will turn everything upside down.

These types of movements that any popstar triggers are looked at with a magnifying glass and Shakira’s announcement has made her followers speculate about what is to come. There are two theories that sound strong. The first is that the singer is about to publish his new album, the twelfth of his career. This studio album would collect the latest singles from her discography and other unreleased songs that could follow the same line as what she has been releasing so far.

However, taking into account that she directs fans to her website, it seems that the singer of Hips Don’t Lie will announce his new world tour. It has been a long time since he was expected to return to the stage. The last tour was in 2018 with El Dorado World Tour and, judging by this announcement, 2024 will be the year in which Shakira returns in a big way and reunites with her fans in the most important venues on the planet.

Do you want to see Shakira live? Will this tour be accompanied by an album? Place your bets!


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