DITONELLAPIAGA “It’s all true” the new single

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Ditonellapiaga comes out with a new song entitled It’s all true (out January 12th).

Characterized by unmistakable house sounds from the late ’90s that travel on straight drums and a pounding synth bass, È tutto vero is the right fuse to trigger, in those who listen to it, that irresistible up-tempo groove to dance at breakneck speed.


A concert of other people’s opinions, parents, sisters and others, always ready to criticize anyone at the least opportune moment, clashes with my personal vision of myself: contradictory, ever-changing but at the same time 100% me.

And when the chatter becomes too loud to be ignored, there is only one thing left to do: load yourself with the right amount of self-irony and confess that everyone is right and no one is right, that nothing is true or that perhaps in reality everything is true, because after all, sometimes the truth is so uninteresting” – says Margherita.


Second extract from the new upcoming album, the song acts as a perfect stargate to enter in 2 minutes and 48 seconds the versatile and histrionic world of 100% Ditonellapiaga, where sarcasm and self-awareness flow in the musical veins of the Roman artist.


If the next few months promise to be full of new music, Ditonellapiaga is warming up its engines for a May dedicated to live performances, with two major events in Rome and Milan: the first, produced by Magellano Concerti, scheduled for 15/5 in Largo Venue (more info on the Magellano Concerti website), while at the end of May Margherita will be among the protagonist artists of the MI AMI Festival 2024 at the Circolo Magnolia.




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