Why is Young Miko starring in the upcoming BZRP Music Session?

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Nowadays it is difficult to find someone on planet earth who has not heard Young Miko. At only 25 years old, María Victoria Ramírez Arellano (real name) has managed to carve out his own niche in music as a global reggaeton star.

In just five years of experience, Young Miko has managed to position itself in the highest spots on the music chartss after becoming known globally with his viral hit Lisa last March, in addition to collaborating with other of the biggest artists in the industry. Now, she has just announced a collaboration with one of the top producers on the scene, Bizarrap. Nothing more and nothing less than the BZRP Music Sessions #58!

Now, and being honest, Was this a featuring What did you see coming? We take this opportunity to analyze why the artist has become the new protagonist of one of the most coveted formats on the scene.

A talent beyond the emerging

Young Miko officially began his journey in music in 2019 uploading music to that wonderful site that is SoundCloud, where he recorded his first song on the platform, Wanna; and later collaborating with Caleb Calloway on 105 Freestyle. However, His first solo single was Puerto Rican Mommy and later, in 2022, he would release his debut album Trap Kitty.

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Miko became the center of attention that same summer, when his countryman and superstar of the genre Bad Bunny invited him to participate in one of his concerts at the Coliseum of Puerto Rico during his tour. A Summer Without You. His name would begin to resonate more and more until it exploded with his viral song on TikTok in March 2023, Lisa. Who doesn’t know the famous refrain of the trend “Speaking clearly, I have a problem, and that is that I quickly get into girls”? A single that has accumulated more than 169 million views in less than a year on Spotify.

However, it has not been the only success that has catapulted Miko to another level this past year. Classy 101a song that the artist composed with Caleb Caloway, Julia Lewis and Mauro, and would later release with Feid after meeting the Colombian in Los Angeles, has also broken several records, managing to win the WECB Music Awards Santander 2023 for Best Urban Song. We can point out other bombs like DISPO with Karol G in his Bichota Season (+75.5 million views), the explosive Pimp Pt. 2 (+237 million streams) along with Bad Gyal and Tokischa, and of course, FINE (+141 million) from Bad Bunny as part of his long-awaited album Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow (2023).

With 26.4 million monthly listeners on the aforementioned platform alone, Miko has become one of the youngest leading voices in the industry, also being our revelation artist in 2023. However, her global stardom leaves behind the emerging and reaches new heights that the Puerto Rican continues to conquer.

The new protagonist of the BZRP Music Sessions

As we indicated, we can hear the BZRP Music Sessions Vol. 58 starting this week, something that makes both artists start 2024 in style. Although of course, Bizarrap is not the most predictable figure in the world, if we look at the latest collaborations, we can identify a specific pattern. And the Argentine is a big fan of timing and each time more. It’s not that he only records with the best-known or most emerging voices, but he seems to select the right moment for each collaboration when both artists are in a most interesting moment.

Bizarrap at the Latin Grammys 2023 in Seville / Jorge Guerrero / AFP via Getty Images

Bizarrap at the Latin Grammys 2023 in Seville / Jorge Guerrero / AFP via Getty Images / JORGE GUERRERO

This is what he did with Shakiragiving us one of the most iconic post-breakup hits in historyalso with Quevedo, when the Canary Islander was beginning to stand out on the scene after the remix of Night fell, without being too well known yet. Also with Milo J, when the Argentine, at just 16 years old, began to break records on lists. Also with Rauw Alejandro when he was about to launch his Saturn Beach. Understanding this dynamic, we can get the idea of ​​why Young Miko is precisely the next protagonist of the long-awaited BZRP Music Session. It’s all about talent and timing.

Taking this into account, we would not be surprised if in future editions the Argentine launched featurings with artists who are experiencing interesting moments in their career, at the level of success, development or creative innovation within the urban, such as Feid, Saiko, Bad Gyal or Xavi.

And you, what do you think of this new team?


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