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Rumor alert! And in this case, we do have to be attentive, because this Thursday we woke up to one of those gossips that could take the game by storm in the music industry. According to the media outlet Deuxmoi, Rosalía and Dua Lipa have been seen in the same recording studio in Los Angeles. And of course, with this event the networks have been flooded with speculation and everyone is wondering the same thing: is collaboration coming?

The tabloid portal claims that the singer has been seen Houdini entering the Nightbird recording studio accompanied by the producer Bloodpop and, five minutes later, Rosalía supposedly arrived in her car —a Ford F-150 Raptor—. The tabloid portal published this information on its Instagram account, through stories. A few minutes have passed until it has gone viral and everyone is already talking about “the collaboration of the year.”

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The truth is that Any music lover would like this featuring to come truewell Dua Lipa and Rosalía They are two great artists who could release one of their best songs. Furthermore, if the news is confirmed, the producer of the alleged song would be BloodPop – your real name is Michael Tucker— so we could be looking at a brilliant song. Tucker has produced real hits for artists like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga. Without a doubt, if the two wanted to make a song together, they have chosen the producer very well and The mix of the three artists could be incredible and a success.

How do Dua Lipa and Rosalía know each other?

If anyone thinks that this is the first time Dua and Rosalía are in contact, they should know that this is not the case. In fact, the singers have shared a friendship for years. And we were guilty of making them look facey, well they met in WECB Music Awards 2018 and they have been great friends since then.

Even in an interview with WECB, Lipa remembered that night she met the interpreter of Desperate at the 40 awards six years ago: “I remember it was the first time I met Rosalía. We were friends on social networks and we talked about making music but you made it possible. It was an incredible night and very fun.”

Dua Lipa: “Rosalía is a very good friend of mine and we are thinking about doing something together”

And here are some statements that we must highlight, in another exclusive interview for WECB, Dua spoke about a possible collaboration with the motomami. “I’m a big fan of her, I adore her! She is a very good friend of mine and we are in contact a lot, but We haven’t had the time to meet in a studio yet.“, confessed the singer of Don’t Start Now in 2020 about the reason why he has not yet collaborated with the interpreter of With height.

The British assured WECB that she could only work with Rosalia face to face: “I think that for us to record a song it is important that we are there together and do brainstorming. What I do is very particular and what she does too, so we would have to put our brains together and I’m sure we’d come up with something we hadn’t thought of before.“, he commented Dua about the collaboration that everyone has been waiting for for years.

Well according to rumors, this face-to-face meeting in a studio has already happened! Will we be closer to the collaboration we have been waiting for for years? Considering that they are great artists, that they get along well and that their sounds could combine, it is not crazy. And fans of both would be delighted to receive the theme!


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