Dua Lipa and the almost 100 songs created for her third studio album

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For a few months now we have been enjoying the first steps of DL3the third studio album by Dua Lipa. Houdini was her first business card and a few days ago at the Grammy Awards the British woman presented her second single: Training session. But apparently we were only looking at the needle in a gigantic haystack that the performer has tried to build to give life to her new musical adventure.

Because as he confessed during the Jimmy Kimmel show, this new album has solid foundations in the lyrical and compositional part. The artist has given life to almost 100 songs of which she would have discarded 85%. All of them are contained in a book that she showed during the program: “It contains all the songs I wrote for this album. I wrote 97 songs. Many were terrible. About 80 of them,” the artist joked.

Almost without realizing it, the Londoner revealed to us that 17 songs had gone to the grand final of which we already know Houdini and Training Season. For the rest, we’ll still have to keep waiting because perhaps even the singer is still tweaking details: “The moment I write a song, I know it’s good or not or if it’s close. Every song on this album, unlike any other Of the other records I’ve made, I’ve rewritten it over and over again, until I felt it was perfect, something I didn’t really have the confidence to do on my previous records. On those what I wrote on the first day was more or less what everyone heard at the end” explained Dua Lipa. “Now I have a lot more confidence in myself as a songwriter and as a performer and how I want things to be, sound and look.”

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For this new album, currently without a confirmed title, she sought perfection: “I went in, went a little deeper and changed things to the point where it seemed perfect to me. And I feel proud of it. I want to keep the title a secret for a while.” anymore. I can’t reveal my secrets.”

This new album is going to be a tribute to UK rave culture with touches of psychedelic pop. This has also been reflected in the aesthetics that he is beginning to use for this era. Dua Lipa has put aside the glamor of the previous stage and opts for a more underground style that takes us to the Brit-pop of the nineties. And we are looking forward to hearing it…


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