Damo Suzuki, lead singer of Can, dies at 74

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The world of krautrock is in mourning and celebrates the legendary career that the Japanese musician, Damo Suzuki, gave us.

Last Friday, February 9, he died Damo SuzukiJapanese musician who was key in the construction of the German krautrock scene during the 70s. The unfortunate news was confirmed through Instagram by the record label Spoon Records; recognized for including the productions of Dogthe group where suzuki would begin his legendary career as a vocalist and frontman.

The musical career of suzuki was marked by the German band Dog –whose participation included the albums Tago Mago, Ege Bamyasi and Future Days– between 1970 and 1973. His collaboration with the group was iconic and propelled the creative genius of suzuki for the rest of his career, as well as significantly advancing the krautrock scene in Germany. From this stage the approximation of Damo Suzuki singing was marked by experimentation and innovation, mixing different languages ​​in improvisation exercises and adding jazz elements to the instrumentalization, becoming a brilliant symbol of psychedelic and avant-garde music.

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After passing through Dog, Damo Suzuki took a 10-year break away from the music scene. Fortunately, his creative and poetic restlessness returned him to the world of music in 1983 when he formed the project Damo Suzuki’s Network. The objective of the network suzuki was to return to the foundations of jazz and improvisation that he had previously acquired in his expressions with Can to create a network of collaboration in each location he visited around the world.

The presence of suzuki served as a catalyst to promote the different international underground music scenes and was a magnificent influence on musicians around the world, among whom are Black Midi. May the genius rest in peace Damo Suzuki.


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