Dua Lipa declares herself a fan of OIivia Rodrigo and talks about her songs

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Dua Lipa She is one of those artists who gives everything when she is on promo. Now that she has kicked off her new era with Houdini, cover letter of her next album, the singer is doing a lot of interviews with international media. In WECB, without going any further, we had her talking about the song and testing her Spanish. But she is also paying attention to the media in her country and it was precisely on Capital FM where has given more than one headline when talking about another pop superstar: Olivia Rodrigo.

Olivia Rodrigo in ‘GUTS’

During her interview on this radio station in the United Kingdom, Dua Lipa answered questions from some fans and there was a young listener who wanted to know if she had a favorite song in Olivia Rodrigo’s repertoire. The artist didn’t take a second to respond: “She’s so cute! “I love Olivia,” she replied about the young artist who has recently earned seven Grammy Award nominations for GUTStheir second studio album. “She is great, sweet and very, very talented”.

Regarding the songs, Dua Lipa has a special predilection for vampire, first single from that album. However, and here she was completely honest, she admitted that she was still not over drivers license, the song that catapulted Olivia to the top. “It’s too good a song,” she noted.

The new era of Dua Lipa

And while I wonder if the time will come when they decide to get into the recording studio to make the next global hit, it’s time to focus and talk about what really matters right now: Dua Lipa’s new recording era. Houdini It is just the tip of a huge iceberg that people are eager to discover.

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After achieving resounding success with Future Nostalgiaan album she released in the midst of the pandemic, Dua Lipa is already paving the way for a third album that, a priori, will present an evolution with respect to their previous work, including several psychedelic references and betting on a pop that, perhaps, is darker. Of course, the performer herself still wants to make us sing and dance on the disco floor, as she told Cris Regatero.

“It’s still a pop project, but after being on tour for a whole year I fell in love with everything that live music brings, so I wanted this new album to convey that feeling and sound. So it has a lot of live instrumentation, a lot of psychedelic influence and, at the same time, it is a pop recording,” he said.

Is there or is there no desire to listen DL3?


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