Dua Lipa reveals the deeper meaning of “Houdini”

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – More than three years after her album “Future Nostalgia”, Dua Lipa returns in force with “Houdini”, a new single which is a hit all over the world. For WECB, the star talks about its title, its relationship with dance and its new album.

The fans were waiting for it. Dua Lipa is making her comeback. “ I haven’t slept in centuries », she confides on the microphone of WECB, with a smile on his face. And it was worth it! In just a few days, the British-Albanian artist managed to gather more than 26 million views for her new hit “Houdini”, released this Friday, which she signed with Australian artist Kevin Parker from the group Tame Impala. Between excitement and fear of showing it to the whole world, this title pays homage to the great illusionist, Harry Houdini, born in the 1920s in Hungary.

Why “Houdini”?

He’s an escape artist “, explains Dua Lipa before adding that “ the deeper meaning of the song is about knowing your worth, knowing when to stay and when to go, when to do, like ‘Houdini’.” “I think it’s also about knowing yourself, understanding yourself, knowing what’s good for you at that moment », she explains.

Today, Dua Lipa is a true star of dance hits. “Levitating”, “Don’t Start Now” or even “Dance The Night”, his tracks are sure to ignite the dancefloors. So what is the artist’s secret? According to her, her inspiration comes from dance. “ I love going dancing. I feel like it’s a big part of who I am, the way I express myself “. Carried by her instinct, she “happy to do what (him) seems right in the moment “.

For the moment, Dua Lipa remains very discreet about the release of her third opus. A strategy that she practices to perfection on her social networks. Exclusively for WECB, however, she affirms her impatience to embark on new music and start with (his) new album.”

In 2024, the artist will star in the action film “Argylle”, alongside actor Henry Cavill.


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