Edurne arrives at ‘OT 2023’ and says something important about the nominations: “It’s bullshit”

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Historical former contestants of Triumph operation are returning to the Academy to share with the boys and girls of OT 2023 impressions about the contest. The last to do so was Edurne. The singer came sixth in the edition and managed to make a career in both music and television, standing out in this field as a jury of Got Talent.

Edurne has gone to OT 2023 with the mission of making it clear to the contestants that the position or how many times they are nominated does not matter, the important thing is to take advantage of the Academy classes and work hard once they are out of the program. “When you leave Triumph operation You are going to experience this boom, that everyone adores you, but everything passes. It is important that you do not relax.”

Edurne’s lesson

“I know you are very worried about the nominations, but I came sixth and I am preparing my eighth album”said the singer Wake upclarifying that, despite his ups and downs, he has managed to maintain himself through work, work, work. “Don’t worry so much about the position, it’s bullshit. Only one can win (…). There are people who have come out first and nothing happens. Look where Lola Indigo is”.

Edurne has also asked them – in a kind and conciliatory tone – not to complain about the distribution of topics. Many have done it several times and the artist has assured that this selection has a meaning and a reason. “I know that many times you don’t like the songs they play, but think that if they gave it to you it’s for a reason”, has counted. “It may not be your style, but the entire team behind it thinks so. Be true to yourselves, but let yourself be guided.”

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With or without a record label

Another of the topics that Edurne has discussed has been her future within the music industry. Right now, his project is not linked to any record company, but it was many years ago. In that sense, he believes that they can put together good proposals without having to be linked to a multinational.

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“You don’t have to be with a record company,” he stated. “Right now I’m not with anyone and it’s the best time I’m having musically. A record company helps many artists, but being in a record company is not a good life. “You can do things independently and, sometimes, even with more freedom.”.


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