Eladio Carrión reacts to the verse in which Bad Bunny mentions him in ‘Mónaco’

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Eladio Carrión fans are in luck. His favorite artist just released her studio album Sol Maria and, in addition, he has announced a tour of Spain. A tour that will begin on May 17 in Gran Canaria and will conclude on June 8 in Zaragoza and will feature their new musical repertoire.

Another one who is in luck is Bad Bunnywhose latest studio album Nobody Knows What’s Going To Happen Tomorrow It has also become the favorite soundtrack of thousands and thousands of people. One of the songs it includes is precisely with Eladio, which came with the title of Thunder and Lightning. Well then. Both have become the protagonists of the networks after the statements that the man of Puerto Rican descent has dedicated to his partner.

It was in an interview for Trap House Latino in which the interpreter of Sol Maria He has reacted to the verse that the Bad Rabbit dedicates to him in his single Monaco. “I quit the trap a while ago, I left it to Eladio”, says. What does that say?

“You know that the rabbit has his bars, but I make music… ‘Man, it’s like I tell you. I never once in my networks… I mean, hey, grateful for what he said, do you understand me? Because of the mention. He’s my brother. But you’re going to see me saying that I’m better at this or that. There are many people who are good at what they do, do you understand me? I can’t say that I’m better at something without listen to everyone, do you understand me? But if you ask me who is the best, I’m going to tell you that I’m the best because I’m a rapper, do you understand me?”says.

Eladio and Bad Bunny are not only professional colleagues, but also friends. They have participated on several occasions, as is the case of Kemba Walker and Coco Chanel, in addition to the one included in the Monaco performer’s latest studio album. The passage of time has not affected them, nor has the level of fame that they have been acquiring little by little. That is why their friendship has been strengthened more than others. For Eladio it is an honor that his partner mentions him in one of her most popular singles of recent times.


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