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Discover “Nakie Nakie”, the brand new single from French jazz group Electro Deluxe, from Next, their upcoming studio album.

Electro Deluxe is back with “Nakie Nakie”, a new single presented in a live version. Discover the video, directed by Quentin Ribeyrol and Loup Nicola, available via the player below:

“Nakie Nakie” is the first single from Next, scheduled for release on February 9, 2024. “NEXT is an album that could benefit from the ‘HOMEMADE’ logo because we chose an artisanal approach to both writing and recording” explains the group in a press release. “Largely produced ‘at home’, this album is designed as an invitation to welcome listeners into our living room.

They also develop their artistic ambition: “While continuing to move the boundaries, we wanted to combine our taste for musical exploration and a desire to return to our roots. This desire to reconnect with our first loves in the lands of funk and soul is reflected in the exceptional presence of prestigious guests. »

A true groove machine, Electro Deluxe will celebrate 20 years of career during a French tour planned for 2024. Places are available.

Here are the dates :

  • March 16: Moloco (Audincourt)
  • March 21: 6MIC (Aix-en-Provence)
  • March 22: Rockstore (Montpellier)
  • March 23: Bikini (Toulouse)
  • March 24: Casino Barrière (Bordeaux)
  • March 29: Oasis (Le Mans)
  • March 30: Casino Barrière (Deauville)
  • March 31: Casino Barrière (Lille)
  • April 3: Trianon (Paris)
  • April 4: La Manufacture (Saint-Quentin)
  • April 5: Scene from the Town Hall (Sarreguemines)
  • April 6: La Laiterie (Strasbourg)
  • April 9: Espace Le Conquérant (Saint-James)

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