The past of the ‘OT 2023’ contestants: from their participation in other talent shows to their songs on platforms

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Operación Triunfo has always been classified as a reality show that seeks to train complete artists (“360”, as Paquita Salas would say). Performers capable of transmitting emotions and telling stories through songs that have marked different eras, as well as performers versatile artists who give themselves two hundred percent on stage, choosing from a colossal ballad to a catchy trap hit, including the most danceable pop classic (although they later decide another path within this world).

In recent years, with the rise of social networks and the infinite number of tools available to develop a self-taught career, the OT format is now, in addition, a showcase to present future promises of our music, emerging artists who have already made their debut in orchestrastalent shows and other music competitions, or who have already given free rein to their creativity as composers.

For all this and much more, it is not surprising that many—if not all—of the OT 2023 contestants have already taken their first steps in this industry. Suzete, Lucas, Paul, Denna… The 16 contenders to win the edition presented this year by Chenoa on Prime Video have a past that has led them to this precise moment. And let’s go over it!

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Of all of them, five participants have not yet shared their own songs or left their mark on the small screen until this year, due to their different professional choices (teaching, performing arts or health services). Bea teaches music classes to young children; Alvaro Moya He has been part of the Colores de Sevilla Orchestra in the last year; Chris has worked in a theater company in Zamora; Martin has studied performing arts; and Omarfor his part, was a firefighter and health technician opponent.


Álex has two singles in streaming: Look at me (2021) and Cupi2 (2023). Furthermore, according to the biography provided to the program, we have also learned that she has composed songs for other artists, so he always seems to have been on the other side of the performance, behind the score. For some time now, the man from Córdoba has chosen to stand in front of the microphone and sing about his experiences.


Before participating in The voice 2022 as part of the Pausini team—where she even went to battle—or crossed the catwalk, Chiara first faced the jury of Got Talent in 2019. In that year’s edition he reached the final with the Abba classic The winner takes it all in his version in Spanish. The first prize went to the little drummer Hugo, while the Mallorcan woman finished in eighth position.

In 2021, he released the single Secrets Uncovereda melodic song in English that, like the vast majority of OT 2023 colleagues, he published independently.


Almudena Ruiz, better known as Denna, is probably one of the ones with the most songs on digital platforms. The young woman from Ogíjares (Granada) has covers as Now he calls me remix either You’re gonna see me of Beret and Physics or Chemistry remix. As unpublished songs we find celebrating next to Mumbai, When you really want, January, Come, Bulla and Crocodile, increases from 2019 to 2023.


Lover of jotas like a good Zaragoza (from Magallón), Juanjo participated this same 2023 in the first edition of Jotalentmuch more than jota, the musical program focused on Aragonese jotas on Aragón TV. And not only that! He emerged as the winner performing such folk songs as The Magallonera either I don’t want to bring you flowers.

Away from the musical format, the young man was also on Masterchef Junior 4, when he was only 11 years old. In 2016, Juanjo was on the verge of being one of the full contestants of the RTVE reality show presented by Pepe Rodríguez, Samantha Vallejo-Nájera and Jordi Cruz, being expelled at the initial gala.


The Uruguayan has a profile on YouTube where was dedicated to climbing covers for six years. Sebastián Yatra, Maluma, Rels B… are some of the artists he has covered online. However, among their playlists there are also original songs. What’s more, in 2020 he published an album that bears his name as a title and which includes tracks like The mess either One night. In 2021, she released the cover of Amencreated by the Montaner family (Camilo, Evaluna, Mau, Ricky and Ricardo) together with Julián Martín.


Known artistically as Laéne (from Naiara), also from Zaragoza, has released her first self-titled EP in 2023. This project includes singles like Taurus and 24/7, and has been produced by Los del control, a half Granada-half Madrid duo that has worked with urban artists of the stature of Dellafuente, Yung Beef and Khaled, among others.

Previously, we know that a large part of the Spanish geography was toured by Orquesta Nueva Alaska, from town to town, to liven up the popular festivals and different festivals in the towns of our country.


Paul, whose given name is Pablo Suárez Delgado, is another of those who has success not only on stage, but also in front of the cameras. The Granada native from Armilla signed up for the program Land of Talent from Canal Sur and won its fourth edition in 2021 with versions such as The farewell, Before you go either Skin.

Between 2022 and 2023, he has shared three of his original compositions: The waitress, Lola and Breeze.


In the case of Ruslana, the young Ukrainian tried her luck at Junior Eurovision. He did it first alone in 2017, when he participated in the preselection of the contest to represent Belarus with the song Tatsui So Mnoy (Dance with me). Two years later he returned to the festival stage in its children’s edition, but as part of the group Monkey Tops, with the candidacy Posmotri Na Nas.

That same season, in 2019 and at the age of 14, he made the leap to television with the help of The voice Kids. But in August she published what we could consider her debut single, Not Afraid, a song that mixes the Slavic and Anglo-Saxon languages.

In the well-known talent show on Antena 3, he put himself in his pocket Rosario Flowerscoach with whom he stayed in the blind auditions and went through the phase to the rounds with a very powerful version of It’s a man’s, man’s, man’s worldby James Brown.


Like Ruslana and Chiara —with whom he also shared editing—, Salma was also in La Voz 2022, but in its adult edition he once came of age. She became a semi-finalist within Antonio Orozco’s team, where she performed songs like I almost touched you, The cat, Remember me either Apprentice, among other.

In September of this year, the woman from Malaga published her first single, a flamenco ballad with a pop air titled Like that nothingwhich remembers Vanesa Martín, one of her greatest references.


Although the Tenerife woman has been image and model from brands like Zara or Samsung, he has also shown that music is his passion. Between 2021 and 2023, Suzete has shared two singles: Right Now and Blue Dress. Two songs in which he already embraces R&B and that afrobeat in which he so wants to delve into the future and exploit the genre in Spain.


We have seen Violeta this summer doing internships in News telecinco. At street level, the young woman reported on the Rubiales case as her correspondent in Granada.

Besides, she is very familiar with Operación Triunfo. With another haircut (long, dark and braided from roots to ends), the one from Motril arrived at the final casting of OT 2020 and he touched with his fingertips the Gala 0 of that edition in which Nia triumphed.


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